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CAT Ladders In Singapore: The Makers And Shakers Of Singapore

Brooklynz Stainless Steel’s reputation for ladders is built on the foundation of expert knowledge and first-class services. Ladders installed with safety cages are CAT Ladders. With years of experience in aluminum and stainless steel products, we have now become the leading makers of them.

From designing caged ladders with trap door platforms to manufacturing hooped ladders for harsh environments, we are 100% committed to every customer need. Our ladders run the gamut, from round hoops to rectangle hoops. Brooklynz has the know-how to fabricate any style. Vertical ladders that provide access to outside areas and applicable for a plethora of function, they can be made of aluminum or steel. Our caged ladders are ideal for any environment:

Oil rigs


Sewage works

Manhole access

Petrochemical plant

Ships or harbour wall

Food production factories

Building maintenance access

Advantages Of The World-Class Ladders Available In Singapore

Brooklynz fixed access ladders cater to your safety and ease of function that matches world-class standards.

The hooped ladders we make are not only corrosion-free but of superior quality. The fasteners are constructed with stainless steel while the rungs, wall mountings, and uprights are manufactured with anodized aluminum profiles.

Our caged ladders keep your safety first with the upper-side of the rungs ribbed to prevent slippage.

Our Cat ladders are easy to assemble by joining the elements through the interlocking uprights.

Thermal expansion has non-destructive deformation impact on our fixed ladders due to their unique design. To achieve this, the fixing clamps attach the uprights to the cage in a fixed position while the wall mountings are connected in a free-moving position.

The cat ladders come in three options: safety cages in half-round, safety cages in 3 quarters or safety cages in full.

Looking for a Ideal Safety Ladder?

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Get Your Ladders In Singapore From Brooklynz Stainless Steel!

Brooklynz Stainless Steel prides itself in offering a solution for every application. Some of the aluminum and steel ladders we manufacture are:

Caged Ladders:

Equipped with safety cages to meet height directives, we fabricate hooped ladders that fit your precise requirements. We even galvanize them with hot-dip.

Standard Ladders:

Besides cat and caged ladder, we are experienced in manufacturing stainless steel modular ladders. These standard ladders come in hot galvanized finish and meet industry compliances.

Various forms of cat ladders manufactured by Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte Ltd

Cat Ladders:

The sloped roof ladders by Brooklynz are manufactured to keep you protected. Designed to give 100% safety at great heights, the cat ladders avoid all compromises to security.

Vertical Fixed Ladders:

For difficult access areas, our vertical ladders provide stationary access in complete safety to workers and people.

Our projects with CAT Ladders

Why Choose Brooklynz for your Ladder Needs

Brooklynz understands that quick turnaround is always a priority. Therefore, we always keep standard measurement stainless steel ladders in stock. They are delivered in flat packs and then assembled on-site. Our dedication to our clients has made Brooklynz the specialist in caged ladders in Singapore.

Our supply of hooped ladders runs the length and breadth of all requirements. Besides guaranteeing par excellence quality, every hooped ladder we manufacture can be customized to suits your necessities. Every solution we offer, be it safety cages or standard vertical ladders, is fabricated with the client as a priority.

Need a drop-down counterbalanced ladder? Require a roof edge access landing for parapet crossing? Want to ensure top access security? Whatever the necessity and whatever the configurations, Brooklynz Stainless Steel pledges to provide you with cage ladders that let you access any location under strictest safety.

Give us a call or drop us a mail with your requirements and we’ll deliver the best-quality cat ladders in Singapore to you!