Safety Ladders: Do We Need Them And Why?

Stainless Steel Ladders: Getting Jiggy With Them

All over Singapore, tall buildings are typical. In industries, even more so. There are workers who climb up ladders on these tall buildings to complete work. For such workers and work, the risk is very high. To make sure that such dangerous jobs are made slightly less risky, ladders are fitted with cages around them. These cat ladders reduce workplace accidents and injuries to a significant degree.

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Yes, hooped ladders do no prevent free falls, but they do play a vital role in keeping the person safe. Did you know that a significant chunk of fatalities in the construction sector is due to falls? It means employers and companies need to invest in caged ladders to have a protection system in place if workers fall during work. In this write-up, we discover why safety ladders are critical.

Cat Ladders In Singapore: Yes, You Need Them!

Safety Ladder by Brooklynz

It has been long debated that ladder cages are of no use when a fall occurs. More safety precaution should be installed to guarantee worker protection. Studies conducted on whether hooped ladders avoid or arrest a fall have proved to be inconclusive. There isn’t much evidence on both sides of the debate. It appears that a person falling down a ladder will not be able to arrest the free fall by grabbing bards, but it is not so.
Without a doubt, CAT ladders offer workers a certain measure of safety. They might not work in free falls, but they provide a cushion of protection during other circumstances. Let’s take a look at why every tall building in Singapore needs a ladder with a safety cage:

  • When a worker loses their grip:
    Cat Ladders ensure that when a person’s hand slips from the ladders, they are able to maintain their foothold. This tends to happen when the person is reaching for the rung above or below, and they slip. Harsh weather conditions make it more common.
  • Ladder broke:
    In case the ladder shifts in position or worse breaks, the person climbing it will fall. A cage prevents this from happening. It should be noted that portable ladders are more prone to breaking.
  • Struck by an object:
    If an individual ascending or descending a ladder is struck by debris or any object, they are likely to lose their foothold and fall. A cage in such circumstances will protect them.

Why Are Aluminium Cat Ladders More Than Necessary?

The original reasoning behind cage ladders was straightforward. If the worker is falling backward, the hoops will provide support. Moreover, for tall climbs, the person can lean back on the cage bars and rest for a while. When a worker is less fatigued, they are less likely to slip and fall. These reasons made looped ladders important for buildings.

What made them more than necessary was regulations put in place by authorities. Occupational safety rules say that fixed ladder longer than 20 feet should mandatorily have a cage around it. The cage should meet strict standards, too. If a business is seen with a ladder without a safety cage, then they can be penalized. Similarly, if the cat ladders don’t meet the requirements set, the business is fined.

About 46% of injuries that happen in constructions are blamed on falls. This number translated to a lot of money spent on compensating the injured worker. Cages reduce this probability of accidents and damages, which is why cat ladders are essential. They may not avoid the risk of free fall, but they do provide specific aprotection against other ladder accidents.