Different kinds of ladders suggested by Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore

Every person knows about step ladders and extensions. However, there are several kinds of ladders other than these two types. If you are working in the same line or running a business as Cat Ladder Manufacturer in Singapore, you should check the following buying guide.

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Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte, follows successful technical practices to deliver customized stainless steel products for construction projects. We adopt to safety standards and take pride in our credibility with our achievement of BizSAFE star. We specialize in fabrication, supply and installation services for stainless steel railings, gates, bollards and more.

Factors to be considered for buying ladders- Tips from Cat Ladders Manufacturers in Singapore

It is very important to select the right ladder according to your utilization purpose as it can help to avoid chances of deaths and accidental injuries that are prone to occur across the worldwide. There are different kinds of ladders designed for a specific purpose and as per the safety factor. Some of the basic types of ladders are as follows:

Cat Ladder Manufacturers in Singapore shares about different kinds of ladders

Cat Ladder Top View - Height Access Solutions by Brooklynz

  • Step Ladder: It is a famous model and easily available. It can be used for several things. A step ladder is self-supporting and you can take the ladder wherever you need. It comes with two steps or rugs which are spaced evenly with a cap that joins the two together. The step ladder can be used for climbing by either at sides or one side according to the step design. There are certain models where you can easily use one side. Such models are referred to as simple front-step ladders. The spreaders helps to unite both and limit the distance so that each can move from the center. The bottom portions of the ladder are the shoes or feet.
  • Extension: The disadvantage of the step ladder is the height. It is the reason extension ladders are used. It helps in accessing great heights and remains as the best option for painting house exterior projects or repairing the roof. The telescopic ladder is slightly different as it is flexible until the height you require. It consists of a fly and base. The base remains on the ground. The fly helps in accessing your reach by extending the height. An extension ladder is not self-supporting. The users have to lean against something so as to maintain a stable condition.
  • Multipurpose: The combination of extension and step ladder is the multipurpose ladder. It is self-supporting and can also be placed against something stable. The multipurpose ladder can stand as scaffolding according to the product. It is mostly used by DIY handyman or contractors.
  • Step Stool: It is handy especially when you want to clutch something from the top rack in a kitchen cabinet. There is no need to climb on the counter when you have this step stool. The single-step version comes with an additional foot and other kinds include two or more steps with foldable features for simple storage. Some of the main benefits of step stools are a convenience to use and cost.

Cat Ladder Manufacturers in Singapore shares about various Ladder materials

  • Aluminum: Most of the ladders are made up of this excellent material for numerous reasons. It is strong. It stays intact and keeps in control. The second main advantage is it is lightweight. It is also affordable. About half of the aluminum stools are recycled in Singapore. The only disadvantage of aluminum is it conduct electricity as it is a metal.
  • Wood: Wood is also a popular and common choice. It has most of the benefits of aluminum. Wood is a cost-effective option and it is easily found in all hardware store retailers or home improvement shops. It conducts electricity and so it can be used safely where you want a better reach. The disadvantage of this product is the weight. It can weigh twice the weight of aluminum ladder. The next disadvantage is longevity. If you do not use it for a long time, it has chances for damage.
  • Fiberglass: It is strong and withstands rough handling. It is durable and does not conduct electricity. It is expensive than other materials.

Other ladder materials to consider are steel and plastic ladders.

Things to consider when purchasing a ladder

Know your usage: It is necessary to purchase the ladder according to your requirements. Remember, the ladder should assist you and should not cause a hazard. A step ladder is an excellent option when you want to use it for performing simple activities like painting. If you are using for outdoor purposes, buy an extension ladder. If you are going to use only for a few days or weeks, you can rent a ladder instead of buying one.


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