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Working With The Best Fencing Contractor In Singapore

Brooklynz Stainless Steel is the prominent fencing fabrication firm in Singapore that delivers top-class steel fencing. Every time. There are three things we pledge with every fencing order:

  1. Strength
  2. Attractiveness
  3. Tenacity

We are the best in the game because we make stainless steel fencing that is built to last while being aesthetically attractive. Years of experience and the expertise of our design team has ensured that we are the fencing contractors in Singapore who:

  • Fashion the ideal design
  • Create with superior craftsmanship
  • Wield par excellence building material

Durability and style make the two pillars of our steel fencing, but it is the foundation that makes Brooklynz stand out – affordability. Anyone searching for high-class steel fabrication in Singapore within a set budget finds their perfect solution with us.

Industrial & Commercial Fencing Supplier In Singapore

From homes to waterways, from bridges to commercial buildings, Brooklynz is the steel fencing supplier you need in Singapore. By utilizing stainless steel that is:



Easy To Clean

Corrosion Resistant

We create and sell fencing appropriate even for high-traffic areas. Timeless beauty and fantastic power to withstand all forces, has made our steel fences the first pick for every property – residential and commercial. Because we know that our fences can be installed anywhere, we offer a plethora of solutions. Each type of fence is made to meet a wide variety of requirements.


Our comprehensive portfolio of fences that have been supplied to numerous private and public sectors is backed by:

Detailed know-how of the industry

Latest technology

Decades of experience

With every metal fence we provide in Singapore, we offer safety to our patrons. With each stainless-steel fencing we fabricate, we guarantee improvement to home and enhancement of a building.

Your Best Advisor The Leading Fencing Manufacturer

We understand the final selection of steel fencing to use in Singapore can be harrowing. The choice of finishes and the design types that we make available to you can make the decision hard. Just as we make sure that each fence is galvanized and powder coated for durability, we also ensure that you make the best choice. To this, we have a committed team of experts at your beck and call. Our sales and technical staff are ready to answer all your metal fencing needs in Singapore.

We are the most exceptional advisors you will get. We help you pick the right metal fencing system that fits your project to the T. From a highly secure building to a legacy home that takes into consideration existing features; we can aid any patron in finding the ideal stainless-steel fence. Brooklynz takes supplying fencing solutions in Singapore a step further. We cater to bespoke fences fabricated specially to match individual requirements.

Why wait? Take a first free consultation to get an idea of what your home or building needs. From the conception of the fence design till the time it is installed completely, we will work hand-in-hand with you!


Singapore based Steel Fencing Fabricators with professional expertise for construction projects.

Pictures of A Few Of Our Fencing Projects