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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
How To Install A Flagpole On Your Own?

Flag Pole Supplier Singapore: Guide To Installation

Let’s say you’ve finally done the deed – bought a flagpole from a flagpole supplier in Singapore. Now, you’ve got to take the next step – install the pole and get the flag up and flying high! Unfortunately, you are clueless on how to install the flagpole.
Fortunately, you’ve landed on the right page! In this post, we talk you through all the necessary steps of installing a flagpole and then explain the three common mistakes people tend to make and how you should avoid them.

Before you even start prepping for the installation, the first step is to choose the location. The location has to be around your home obviously, and it must:

  • Be free of any cables, pipes, trees or any other obstruction overhead that hinder the pole or the flag.
  • Get maximum natural lighting to make the flag visible.
  • Be visible from your windows and as other people walk past your drive.
  • Be in an area that has wind. The beauty of a flag comes forth when it is flying in the air and not limply falling against the pole.

Generally, the location that is checkmarks all these conditions is an area free of obstruction and a little set apart from buildings.

New Flag Pole Installation in Singapore

The Simple Steps To Erecting A Flagpole In Singapore

After you have demarcated a safe area that is clear of all obstructions, it is time to take the first step for installing the flag pole.
  • Call the concerned authorities and find out if you have permission to install a flagpole in the area. You will be given permission to do so if your chosen site is safe to dig and erect a flagpole. Safe to dig means there are no buried wires or pipes in the ground that you will cut through.
  • Now mark the exact dimensions on the ground and begin digging the foundation for the base of the flagpole. Because the pole is to be planted in the hole, it has to have strict dimensions. Typically, it is 4 to 6 times the butt diameter of the flagpole.
  • Ensure the base is absolutely level to prevent a tilted flagpole. Then place the ground sleeve of the pole in it and pour cement to fix it in place. At this step, try to use regular cement and not ready-mix.
  • While the cement is set, which can take from a few hours to a day based on the cement you used, start assembling the flagpole. This step is easy as flag pole suppliers in Singapore send all the necessities and ornaments with the pole. You simply have to attach them.
  • Once the foundation has set, slowly and very carefully walk the flagpole from the horizontal to the vertical position. This step is dangerous, and it is advised to take the help of other people.
  • Fit the butt of the flagpole in the ground sleeve that you placed in the foundation. Make sure the pole is straight and then fasten the locking nuts. They will hold the pole securely and in place.
  • The last step is to attach the halyard and then hoist the flag!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Flagpole

There are two common mistakes people make when installing a flagpole in Singapore. Avoid them.

  • They pick the wrong location. Always double-check that there aren’t any power lines, buildings, or cables overhead and no wires and pipes under the ground.
  • They pick a windy day to install the pole. Make sure there aren’t strong winds blowing when you erect the pole else you will end up with a leaning flagpole.
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