Can I Put Up A Flagpole In My Garden In Singapore?

Flying A Flag Pole In Singapore: Know The Rules

For most cases, erecting a flag pole in Singapore doesn’t require much jumping through the hoops. You can put up a flagpole in your garden as long as it doesn’t violate any rules or request special permission. How do you know if the flag you want to erect needs permission? By brushing up on the rules and regulations of installing a flag in your home. And that’s what we discover in this post.

Flag Pole at building front by Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte LtdFirst, we talk about the rules that apply to any flag. You should make sure that all the following guidelines are fulfilled before you fly a flag:

  • The flag has to be in a well-maintained condition. It should not by any angle, impair the aesthetics or appearance of the site.
  • If you are not the owner of the home, then you need to have the permission of the landlord to install a flag on the site.
  • By displaying the flag, you should not hinder wholly or partially any official sign of the following:
  • Roads
  • Rails
  • Aircrafts
  • Waterways
  • The flag and the pole must be removed carefully when and if required by the planning authority.
  • Always keep the flag in a safe condition.

Which Flag You Can Fly In Singapore Without Any Restrictions?

Flag pole installation by Brooklynz SingaporeNow that the basic rules of flying a flag in a home or anywhere else are clear let’s move on to the types of flag you can display. There are some flag poles that require explicit permission from the right authorities before you install them. But there are certain flags that anyone can erect without any restrictions and consent. Do remember you still have to follow the basic rules for even these flags:

  • A house flag. This flag may show the emblem, trademark, name or device of the occupant or occupants of the building. A house flag also includes any flag explicitly made for an event taking place for a limited duration. In this case, the flag can be flown on the building where the event occurs.
  • A sports club flag. It could be any sports club, but it should not display a sponsorship logo.
  • A pride flag. This flag is the horizontal rainbow.
  • The national flag. Any home or building can put the country’s flag without any permission.
  • Specific award scheme flags can also be erected in a home.

Check Before You Install A Flag Pole In Singapore

The regulations related to flying a flag in a home do change from time to time. Besides the kind of flag you can install, there are restrictions on the number of flags that can be added within the grounds of a building. There are guidelines on the size of the flag pole. Generally, they should not be over 4.6 meters from the ground. Although there are no limits to the size of the flag itself.
It is always better to double-check with a local council or planning authority before installing a flag pole in Singapore. They can guide you better on what type of flag can be flown in your garden and which can’t.
If you are looking for steps on how to install a flagpole, swing by our other articles. If you are unsure about what type of flagpole you should buy for your home, get in touch with us. We will be happy to guide you on the process and make the best decision!