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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Tips On How To Choose A Residential Flagpole!

Flag Pole Suppliers Singapore Advice On Buying One!

Most homeowners tend to fly a flag on their premises. If you have been oscillating over the decision, then maybe it is time that you installed one. But be aware that buying the right flagpole is not as simple as buying a t-shirt. There are a number of factors that you have to consider before you can get that flag hoisted!
From what is the size of the pole to the length of the flag, from the material to the finish, you’ll be amazed at all the different aspects that need to be carefully thought over. Only then will you be proud of how patriotic your home looks. Worry not, we’ve highlighted some of the fundamental things that you should consider when buying a residential flagpole in Singapore!

First, Select The Perfect Height And Size Of The Flagpole

Flag pole installation by Brooklynz Singapore

Singapore flag pole suppliers say that you have first to determine the height and size of the pole. For that, you need to find out where the pole will be installed. So, consider this:

  • Where will the flag be fully visible from all angles?
  • Which location is not hindered by trees, plants, shrubs, bushes and other items that surround the home?

Once you have the location shortlisted, consider the size of the pole. It should neither look massive next to the house nor appear tiny. Most often, the best size for a residential flagpole is 20 feet. You can opt for a 25 feet tall flagpole too, especially if your dwelling is two-storied or has three floors.

Second, Find A Suitable Material And Style For The Flagpole

The next decision is the material of the flagpole. For residences, there are two apt choices – fibreglass and aluminium.

  • Aluminium flagpoles are a great option if you are looking for a lightweight model that is still sturdy enough to withstand everyday weather. Plus, these poles require almost nil maintenance.
  • Fibreglass flagpoles are the most common choice for residential areas because they have a better aesthetic appeal. The glossy gel coating on the pole makes it resistant to scratches which makes it appear like new even after years.

Once you have the size and material in your mind, the next decision is the style of the flagpole of which there are three:

Flag Pole at building front by Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte Ltd
One-piece flagpole
Sectional flagpole
Telescoping flagpole
These are the strongest of all. Therefore, the most suited for residential areas that see high-speed winds. They are generally made of fibreglass.
These are made, as the name points, in sections. Each section is fitted seamlessly into the next to make the final product. The finished flagpole has a flawless look.
These are similar to sectional poles in that it has different sections that are fitted together. The difference is that the sections are held through an interlocking sleeve that provides the necessary support. When you push the lock button on one section, it collapses into the section right below it. These models are best for those who want a pole that can be easily collapsed and transported to another location.

Finally, Pick The Halyard Design For The Flagpole

The last decision when buying a flagpole in Singapore is the halyard design, which is the rope you use to raise, lower or hold the flag at a particular position. You have two choices of halyard – internal and external.
An external halyard is one where the rope hangs on the outside. An internal halyard is one where the rope is hidden inside the pole, giving the flag an elegant and polished look. To access the rope and raise or lower the flag, there is a door. This design is best if there is a chance of theft or vandalism because the access door comes with a lock!

New Flag Pole Installation in Singapore

When it comes to purely the aesthetics of the flagpole, you do get a choice of colours and ornaments. The colour generally depends upon the material you will pick, but the standard options are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Dark bronze
  • Satin aluminium
  • Dark green powder paint
  • Clear, varying shades of bronze

From light to dark and black anodized, you can get any paint. Majority flagpoles also come with a finial – the gold ball ornament on top. This ornament can be changed for another, but it costs more.
The choosing of a residential flagpole is not simple. The best route is to use this outline as a guide and for any additional help, get in touch with any of the prominent flag pole suppliers Singapore. They will be able to provide all the support you need.

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