Maintenance of glass railings recommended by experts in Singapore

Maintenance of glass railings recommended by experts in Singapore

Glass Railing in SingaporeGlass railings are widely used in porches, decks and balconies at homes. The glass fences are used in swimming pools as safety laws are more stringent. Glass bricks create walls and barriers around modern architecture. These are the best choice for scenic views as they look elegant and classy and add curb value to the homes. However, the biggest advantage of glass railings is that they do not require regular maintenance, repair or service. Glass gives a brand new appearance for decades as it is durable, long-lasting and safe.

Glass railings require occasional cleaning to help them look good and to provide us with the best view of the scenery. The exterior glass railings have no balustrade to disrupt the view. Glass blocks use 12 by 12 inches and 4 to 6 inches thick for clear, wavy or patterned to allow light and maintain privacy. Though exterior glass cleaning can be a challenge, it is not a difficult chore. Glass railings are recommended by Metal Fabrication experts in Singapore for several reasons and easy maintenance is one of the major advantages.

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Tips to clean glass railings given by professionals in Singapore

The rainy climate, water spots, dust streaks and messy contribution from the neighborhood birds spoils the clear glass effect. Cleaning these railings depends on what type of contaminant you are cleaning. For cleaning the dust and dirt, simply take a soft cloth and wipe it across the glass. If there is still bit of dirt, then a piece of crumpled newspaper can remove loose bits of dust. In general, it takes less than a minute to clean the dust and dirt.

If the glass has grime and liquid stains, then ammonia based glass cleaner or apple cider vinegar will work to eliminate any grime. For cleaning the water spots on the glass railings, use a squeegee to remove any leftover water on a glass pane. The animal and bird droppings on the railings are cleaned by disposable cloth with 3 to 4 squirts of liquid dish soap or apple cider vinegar. White vinegar is used for centuries to clean the glass. Use it undiluted for dust and dirt that are sitting for some time. For exterior glass railings, dilute 3 to 4 squirts of liquid dish soap in 1 quart of warm water and sponge it on grease, bird droppings and other debris. Coating your exterior glass with a thin layer of pure lemon helps water spots from forming.

Maintenance of glass railings suggested by experts in Singapore is relatively easy

SS Glass Railing by Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte LtdGlass railings are one of the most maintenance free railing choices. The maintenance is less when compared to wood or iron. However, the only thing to be done regularly is a quick squeegee after cleaning or on wet weather conditions. This avoids the spots from appearing and makes them look nicer. The common things that can be easily cleaned off glass railings in Singapore include,

  • Dust/dirt
  • Grime
  • Water spots
  • Animal/bird droppings

Coating the glass railings with a thin layer of lemon reduces the spot forming. This helps lengthen the time between cleanings. Glass bricks can be cleaned with shop cloths, old t-shirt or any lint-free clothes.

Best glass railings experts in Singapore will suggest checking brackets

Glass is resistant and long-lasting as it doesn’t rot like wood and corrode like metal. When the glass railings are attached to the wooden deck or surface, they mostly have brackets that are susceptible to corrode. Every month, you should examine your brackets and supports to protect the sane from damage. Inspect for loose brackets and supports to ensure the surfaces are not rotten or being eaten by the termites.

Even though glass railings are likely to be safe, the brackets attached to them become damaged. The brackets made of aluminum are acceptable to rust and loosen over time. Exterior glass railings made of wood requires checking the footings and make sure the wood isn’t rotting. These railings often have problems with the panels wiggling which needs to be repaired by the professionals. The glass blocks are held together with mortar for checking the crumble and corrode. The crack, chip or break on these railings in a high balcony are restored by professionals.