Get an idea about how custom metal fabrication works in Singapore

Get an idea about how custom metal fabrication works in Singapore

Metal Gate by metal fabrication company in SingaporeThe term metal fabrication is a relatively broader term that refers to several processes involving cutting, shaping and molding metals into a final form. Usually, the meta-components such as metal rods, sheet metal and metal bars are available widely for the fabrication purposes. Besides offering standard fabrication services, there are custom metal fabrication shops in Singapore that transform the components into a range of shapes and sizes as per the requirement. This non-standard or unique metal product made by custom metal fabrication comes in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. The custom metal fabrication services can supply the design and also help in producing unique components.

When it comes to custom metal fabrication services, these will be helpful in all the phases of the entire product development process. There are different types of custom metal fabrication services that are provided whether you need all the items or just support for the component assembly project. The different custom metal fabrication services in Singapore that might seem to be beneficial to you are designing, which involves the conceptualization, analysis and product characteristics. The next is building or construction of the actual metal product. Finally, it is the finishing and assembly of the product after passing the post-fabrication treatments.

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Custom metal fabrication in Singapore will handle the designing part

When it comes to manufacturing a unique or made-to-order product, it will need a considerable amount of planning. Sans proper preparation, the custom metal fabrication service might not be able to assure the durability of the final product as there will be a compromise on the quality. In order to ensure that optimal results are delivered, it is important to consider some custom design services such as conceptualizing, computer-aided design (CAD) and tooling design.

Conceptualizing will provide a general idea of how the final product should actually look like and the features such as appearance, versatility and strength that are important. CAD programs will provide the makers with 3D representations of the product by inputting the designs into the CAD program. This will help in identifying possible structural weakness before the actual production. Then, the tooling design will let the custom metal fabrication services in Singapore assist with the designing tools.

Here are the common custom metal fabrication processes in Singapore

Metal Fabrication process in SingaporeOnce the designing of the product is completed, it is time to debut with the manufacturing process. It is important to choose the right custom metal fabrication method as per the project. Some common custom metal fabrication processes are casting, drawing, forging, extrusion, punching, welding, milling, drilling and turning.

After the building services, the next step in the custom metal fabrication process in Singapore is finishing and assembly. Most custom metal products have to be subjected to finishing treatments in order to achieve the desired specifications. The custom metal fabrication assembly services will be needed to combine two or more components together to form a single functional unit. These services include adhesive bonding, grinding, screwing, deburring, sawing, riveting and painting.

It is important to choose the right custom metal fabrication shop in Singapore

Most custom metal fabricated products are designed using commonly used metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, gold, nickel, iron, magnesium, various grades of steel and tin titanium and their alloys. So, it is important to choose the right custom metal fabrication shop to get the right results. If you take time to choose the best custom fab shop, then you can get the best results as they will use superior quality metal and alloys for the purpose. Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing a custom metal fabrication shop in Singapore.

  • Experience
  • Industries served
  • Resources
  • Production type
  • Stock materials

When it comes to choosing the right custom metal fabrication shop, it is important to keep in mind that your decision will leave an impact on the manufacturing rate, the cost-effectiveness of the product and production quality. If you happen to choose some shop without proper research, then your final product might not turn out to be of good quality and might miss out on some key aspects such as durability. The reason is that the custom metal fabrication might not deliver the quality you expect and the structure might become weak.