Here’s an understanding of custom metal fabrication process in Singapore

Here’s an understanding of custom metal fabrication process in Singapore

Metal Fabrication in Singapore - BrooklynzThe process of metal fabrication involves cutting and bending of the metal in order to form the desired structure or product. While there are several types of metal fabrication, custom metal fabrication process involves cutting the materials in the desired way so that the requirements of the customers are met. Custom metal fabrication will give a personalized product instead of having to retain the standard size and look in Singapore. This process uses an array of specialized industrial equipment in order to achieve the desired output. The commonly used metals in the custom metal fabrication process are stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and copper.

The custom metal fabrication process is of three stages

Custom metal fabrication can process the metals in two forms such as structural and sheet metal. Of these, sheet metal is none other than rectangular sheets of metal of varying thickness and sizes. If the sheet metal is relatively thicker measuring over 3/16”, then it will not be referred to as a sheet but a plate. When it comes to structural metal, it comes in various shapes and the most common ones are HSS, beams, channels and angles. The metal that you choose to use will be dependent on the final goal and its application. For personalized projects, it is evident that you will have to choose custom metal fabrication services.

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Basically, the process of custom metal fabrication in Singapore is of three stages as mentioned here.

  • Cutting of the metal
  • Forming or designing
  • Assembly

In the first stage, there are tools such as notches, lasers, punches, shears, etc, that are used. Saws are used for straight line cuts and beams are passed via conveyors letting the cut the metal into different sizes. If articulate cuts are needed, then such services providing custom metal fabrication will use saws. There are plasmas and lasers that are used to cut more complex shapes such as complex curves and circles. Usually, such equipment will be controlled via a computer, so these can cut metals with precision. Notches are used for creating openings of any size or shape on the metal using immense pressure.

Later, forming takes place under a great deal of force for the metal to get its desired shape. The next stage is assembly, wherein the metals body is assembled and joined and welding will be used in this process.

Benefits of opting for custom metal fabrication at Singapore

Two metal gates with lock - metal gates by BrooklynzWhen it comes to handcrafted metalwork, it requires a lot of craftsmanship and beauty. If you are making a product that stands alone from the rest, then it means that you are looking for a custom metal fabrication. Besides the aesthetics, there are other differences as well in choosing custom metal fabrication processes.

The traditional fabricated metal will follow the “one size fits all” mindset but the custom metal fabrication service will let you get customized services as per your need. Nowadays, the custom metal works will integrate the conventional hammer and forge methods along with the technologies such as plasma cutting, AutoCAD and water jet cutting. This will ensure that the accuracy of the custom metal fabrication and lets you anticipate the kind of product that you may get.

Custom metal fabrication offers a wide variety of uses

Given that many businesses are looking out for custom fabrication solutions to serve a wide range of applications, it is important to opt for custom metal fabrication as these will offer a product. This fabrication process will work towards matching your needs. The payment for the service will depend on the size of the custom metal fabrication project., At the time of competition, the custom metal fabrication project will give you an idea of how well the overall cost of the project is reduced. And you will get to know that the custom fabrication will have a great influence on the overall cost as larger products will use more labour and materials in Singapore.

It is also possible to save the amount that is spent on custom metal fabrication. The best way to do the same is to find custom metal fabricators that will offer high-quality and long-lasting services in a cost-efficient way. You have to search for such a custom metal fabrication in Singapore to get the desired result.