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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Metal Gate Or Wooden Gate? – Unwinding The Facts

Metal Gate Or Wooden Gate? – Unwinding The Facts

Whether you have a garden in the front, side or back, keeping it secure with a gate will help in proper maintenance and add value and security to your property. There are different perspectives to having a gate installed for a garden. If you reside in the countryside, a garden gate is required more for its aesthetics than security. However, if you live in a busy city, garden gates are necessary for the security it provides.

Metal and wooden gates are a more popular choice for garden security. While picking a metal gate, choose a design that makes the insides of the property less accessible. It would be best if you also reduce the gap between the gate and the hinges. Metal gates have the strength and durability to prevent the area from unwanted crimes and intruders.

Wooden gates come in two forms – closed boarded an open boarded. Closed-board wooden gates offer more concealment and privacy, especially for the back garden that is more prone to criminals. An open board wooden gate has lesser privacy, but it gives no opportunity for the intruders to hide. The thickness of its design determines the strength of the wooden gate.

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Whichever design you choose, ensure that the gap in the designs is small enough to stop someone from getting a foothold or a handhold. Here are some of the important points you need to consider before installing a garden gate.

  • A garden gate should have the same height as the fence.
  • It should incorporate a similar topping as that of the fence.
  • The fences around the garden should have the same height throughou
  • Install a curved panel or transitional if the fence is not of the same height.

Important Garden Security Features Of Metal Gates

Today, metal gates are popular in Singapore as they offer more security. Some of the important features of metal gates that make it the most preferred choice as garden gates are:

  • Metal gates are naturally stronger.
  • It does not require frequent reinforcement like in wooden gates
  • It is easy to design complex structures for the gate with metals
  • Treated metals used in the gates are more corrosion resistant and can withstand any weather.

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However, you must take care to design metal gates in such a way that it poses less security risk. It is a fact that metal gates are more attractive than wooden gates, but if the design easily attracts intruders, the effort will be futile. Metal gates with solid long bars are easy for an intruder to gain access to the garden. If you have a back garden, then a completely concealing gate design of the same height as the fence will be fine. However, if the garden is in the front of the property, you should have a lower fence and gate that will not hide your entire property from the road. Moreover, concealing gate design for a front garden will also conceal any crime that may happen, and it will go unnoticed.

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Other Security Additions Required For A Garden Gate

A secure lock in gates will be a great addition to enhance the security of the garden. A sliding pad bolt or a padlock are the common types of locks used for garden gates. You can fix a combination of these locks at the side and bottom of the gate for more security. A padlock is less convenient as it is not easy to unlock it from the other side. The long-throw gate lock is another option that provides keyed access to the property. It is very similar to the locks used in front doors, and you can use it with double or single gates to improve security.

Security bars add extra security for the gates. These are long, solid metal rods fixed on one side of the gate using a padlock. Securely placing the long rod across the gate makes it difficult to open even when the gate is unlocked. Security bars offer more protection than just having the gates locked. Security spikes are another great way to increase the security of your garden. Sharp spikes will hurt the burglars and prevent them from entering the premises. You can have the spikes incorporated in the gate design at an affordable price.

As one of the top companies for steel works in Singapore, we help each customer assess their requirements to arrive at the right choice. We have been manufacturing gates made of wrought iron, aluminium and steel, each made of high-quality material and customised to meet the purpose. Do you have more questions regarding gates? Contact us to know more about metal gates.

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