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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Planning – An Essential Process To Choose the Right Metal Gate

Planning – An Essential Process To Choose the Right Metal Gate

As you drive through the roads of Singapore, you will find numerous residential and commercial properties guarded by differently styled metal gates. Each property will be different. Some are sprawling green carpets, while others are small. You may want a huge two-way drive gate at the front of the premise, while a small garden gate with intricate details will suffice for the sideways. Each property will have its specific need, and there are so many things you need to plan and decide before designing and installing your new metal gate. A few things to take care of while planning for the gates are:

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  • Get the gate posts ready – Gate posts come in different sizes, and they can be done as a part of your gate.
  • Decide the gate fixings – All gates require adjustable hinges and brackets to fix the gate. There are different options for self-closing hinges and hinge posts. You can choose the right one based on the type of gate. We recommend using metal fitting and stainless-steel fixings as these will be galvanised to resist corrosion.
  • Pick the ideal latch – Latched gates are more secure, and you should choose good ones that are easy to close and open daily.
  • Choose an ideal gate design – While choosing the gate design, ensure that it is functional and matches the overall purpose and specification of the premise.

Getting The Right Measurements And Choosing The Best Metal

Black Aluminium Main Gates at Entrance from Metal Fabrication Company Brooklynz in Singapore

First, you need to have the right measurement of the gate before making an order. Most manufacturers would want to know the gap for the gate, space for fittings and posts, and ground clearance. A few things you need to do in this regard are:

  • Measure the space allotted for the gate, which is the gap between two fences. It would help if you took the bottom and top measurements.
  • Decide on the side where the latch needs to be fitted, i.e. outside or inside.
  • Choose the right ground clearance. The standard is 5 cm under the railing or gate.

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Based on the type of gate, the manufacturer will decide on the gate post size. If you are replacing your old gates, then there is already a post in place. It would be best if you took the top and bottom measurements between them.

Next, you need to pick the right material for the gates. Style and security are the main concerns when it comes to choosing the metal. Decorative gates with bespoke designs will add a classic look to the property. The overall design should complement the entire property. Wrought iron, steel, aluminium, and wood are common materials used for making gates. Metal gates are robust, secure, and most preferred as the main gates, garden gates, and to secure other sections of the properties. A metal gate will go well with both brick and stone walls. A few reasons for the popularity of metal gates include:

  • Metal gates come in different designs.
  • With powder and zinc coating, it is protected against corrosion.
  • It is made to match different heights and widths.
  • Metal gates come as gate parts, latch post, adjustable hinges, brackets, and lockable latch that you can install easily.

Our Gate Repair Services

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Protecting Your Metal Gate For The Perfect Finish

Metal gates need protection to make them last longer, and the best way to achieve this is by galvanising the metals with a protective coat. By doing this, metal gates will last longer than 50 years. Powder coating and painting the gates with appropriate paint are other ways manufacturers recommend for maintaining metal gates. There are additional costs incurred for such maintenance. However, these protective coatings will not only make the gates long-lasting but also decorate them.

Powder coating and painting are not just a protective measure but will also increase the appeal of the gates. Galvanising the gates will give it a shiny silver finish, but it may not last long. Painting the gates with appropriate colour soon after galvanising will be a great protective treatment for the gates and a better finish.

At Brooklynz, the leading company for custom metal works in Singapore, we ensure our customers a quality metal product designed to perfection. Contact us to get all the finer details of the manufacturing and installation process of metal gates.

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