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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
The Need For Metal Gates And Railings

The Need For Metal Gates And Railings

A well-maintained and secure property will create a great first impression, and we feel that railings and gates have an important role to play in that. Gates and railings are some of the main security measures for a commercial or residential property. If you want the property’s external appearance equally good as the interiors, consider installing attractive railings and gates that will make the whole premise more appealing. A well-designed gate and railing will be of great help to increase the property’s aesthetic value. In Singapore, people opt for metal gates to protect their belongings, properties, and loved ones. It greatly improves privacy, reveals intruders and increases the value of the property.

Installing gates and railings is a process in itself, and there are a few important points you need to consider. There are a variety of materials and designs available for gates in the market. Each has its specific purpose. You need to identify your requirement, budget, gate location, construction, operation, colour, finish and size to arrive at the right choice. We help you to decide on every single detail to get your gate installed on your property.

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Important Points To Consider Before Installing Metal Gates And Railings

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Getting a few things right is important for the smooth installation of gates. An expert builder in Singapore details the important points that need consideration before you install the gate.

Taking the right measurement for the gate

The measurement for the height and width of the gate should be precise. Measurements are different for wooden and metal gates.

  • Wooden gates – We recommend a ground clearance of 25 mm for wooden gates. If it is sloppy ground, you need a clearance of over 50mm. Double gates will require a gap of 10mm between the posts.
  • Metal gates – Metal gates also follow the same ground clearance measurement as wooden gates. The gates provided by the suppliers include latches and hinges as well. You need to provide the width of the gap for the gate.
  • Railings – Railings are fixed to the posts, pillars or walls using hinges. The height of the railing should not be more than the pillar or post. You must also fix the measurement between the two railings. We can manufacture railings of more than 2 meters in length as a set that is bolted together.

The measurement of the width for the gate will include the space between the two walls. If the gate has a post ready, you need to remove the space for the post and measure the remaining space as the width of the gate. The maximum height for gates and railings can be upto 2 metres high from the ground level. Based on the standards fixed by the local government, you may need prior permission to fix a gate of over 2 metres.

Our Gate Repair Services

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Choosing the right material for the gate

You need to ascertain the location, purpose, budget and fixings to pick the right material for the gate. The two popular materials used for making gates are:

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Tips For Easy Metal Gate Installation

Consider the following points when you are ready to install the gates.

Here at Brooklynz, the top steel fabrication company in Singapore, we offer a wide range of gates, gate accessories, and railings that suit residential and commercial properties. For more information about our products and to discuss any queries, please contact our executives.

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