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The Leading Mild Steel Gate Supplier in Singapore

Mild steel gates have increasingly gained popularity in Singapore. So much so, that majority of HBD apartments have some form of these gates. It can be safely said that mild steel in the most preferred steel.

We have the advantage of being one of the leading stainless steel fabricators, suppliers and manufacturers of mild steel gates. Some projects we have successfully completed are:

  • Resale flats
  • Private Properties

The name of the metal is derived from the low Carbon content in the steel, and it is this quality that makes it ideal for:

  • Reshaping
  • Reforming

Because mild steel allows easy change of shape, industries and residences prefer it for gates. Plus, the low intensity of labour utilised and time taken, reduces the price point of the product.

At Brooklynz Stainless Steel we leverage the attribute of mild steel to the utmost and create the most visually appealing gates that fit flawlessly with any design and outlook.

Mild Steel Gate Specialists in Singapore

We offer design, manufacture and installation services, and we can create anything from Juliet rails to wrought grills and wrought iron fences.

Advantages of Brooklynz Mild Steel Gates

When you opt for mild steel gates produced by us, you get the benefit of:





Easy welding

Cost Effectiveness

Stiffness & Strength

The low tensile strength of the mild steel we employ allows us to reshape the material into any design you want. We then carburize the metal to ensure that the gate we finally install has the endurance to stand against any condition and weather. At Brooklynz, we guarantee that every metal gate we supply is made from top-notch mild steel and yet remains within budget constraints.

Some of the other products that we make out of mild steel are fences, windows, building frames, and of course, gates of all varieties and types. Ring us to know how we can help you buy a mild steel gate!

Pictures Of Our Highly Endurable Mild Steel Gate Works