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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
5 Things To Know Before Selecting Your Next Mild Steel Gate In Singapore!

5 Things To Know Before Selecting Your Next Mild Steel Gate In Singapore!

The very first thing a guest notices in your house is the front gate and how it fits the design of the house. A great mild steel front gate in Singapore can create an excellent first impression. It can also keep undesired callers out of your property and keep your loved ones secure.

Think of Singapore mild steel gates as the ideal solution to maintain your privacy and safety. Add to it how tough it is to find an affordable yet smart gate that fits the neighbourhood, it becomes crucial to make a careful selection of them. With this thought in mind, we give you the 5 factors to consider when choosing a mild steel gate in Singapore.

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How does the mild steel gate open?

There are three basic ways mild steel gates open – sideways, outwards and inwards. The location of the front gate determines which one you can pick.

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  • For instance, if there is a neighbouring gate, then an internal swinging gate would be a better option.
  • If the drive slopes in a certain direction, then the gate has to open towards the lower side of the slope, i.e., the flatness of the driveway determines the gate you can install.
  • The length, space and style of the driveway also factor in when choosing which way, the mild steel gate opens.

Sometimes the neighbourhood can decide the gate opening. For example, if all the houses have a front gate that slides right or left, then a sliding gate would be befitting.

Does the gate complement the residence in Singapore?

For a lot of property owners, the only aspect to ponder when choosing Singapore mild steel gates is the design. The style and motif of the gate should:

  • Accentuate the beauty of the home.
  • Be inviting to guests.

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For instance, a mild steel gate that flatters a duplex is very different from a gate that fits a bungalow. Ergo, pick a gate that enhances the appeal and aesthetics of your abode in Singapore. The good news is that mild steel gates are perfect for any residence, from townhouses to duplexes.

Do consider if there are any restrictions in your locality when it comes to a particular type of gate or other security devices like fences.

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How much space is there to install the mild steel gate?

There is no use picking a double gate for a Singapore home when there is space enough only for a single mild steel gate. The area available to install the gate becomes a vital element when shopping for front gates in the city. If space is scanty, prefer a single sliding gate as it hardly requires any area. For bigger homes and driveways, a double gate is an apt choice.

How will the gate open – manually or automatically?

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In Singapore, mild steel gates can be accessed manually through a key or electronically through remote access. The method of access can determine the type of gate you pick. To know which style of opening will best suit your residence consider:

  • Are there children or elders living in the home? If yes, then electronic and motorised access will make it easier.
  • Will there be a gateman employed? If yes, then a manual opening is a great option.

What colour best fits mild steel gates in Singapore? The last factor to think over while hunting Singapore mild steel gates is the colour. Like the design of the gate, the colour makes an indelible impression on your guests. So, select a shade that:

  • Doesn’t clash with the paint on the house exterior.
  • Complements the entire look of the home

While black is most opted for steel gates in Singapore, it is by no means the only option. Using the gate to bring a pop of colour to your home and life!

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