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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Mild Steel: What Mechanical Properties Do You Bring To Singapore?

Mild Steel: What Mechanical Properties Do You Bring To Singapore?

Without a doubt, mild steel gates are the most widely available variation of the metal in Singapore. And there is a good reason for it. The sheer versatility of mild steel combined with its pocket-friendliness make it the standard choice for not just gates but also other products. From automobile parts to reinforcing buildings to kitchen tools, mild steel is used in the island-nation prolifically.

That got us, renowned mild steel gates manufacturer in Singapore if our patrons knew about the outstanding mechanical properties of mild steel. The very reason why the metal is so extensively used on the island. But before diving into mild steel properties, let’s take a look at the composition.

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What’s Composition Mild Steel Is Used In Singapore?

Any product manufactured out of mild steel comprises of:

  • 0.05 to 0.26% of carbon. Other grades of steel contain about 0.16 to 0.18% of carbon. At the maximum, 0.25% is allowed.
  • 0.70 to 0.90% of Manganese
  • 0.40% of Silicon maximum
  • 0.04% of Sulphur maximum
  • 0.04% of Phosphorous maximum

Depending upon the level of carbon, the type of steel grade changes because its properties alter. This happens because iron has a lattice-like framework. The lattice has small spaces, and carbon atoms attach themselves to these spaces. The more carbon atoms attached, the harder the steel becomes and, therefore, stronger. Durable and hard steel has less elasticity.

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The Fundamental Mechanical Properties Of Mild Steel

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  • Mild steel used in industrial Singapore has a density of 7860 kg/m3.
  • The modulus of elasticity of mild steel is around 210,000 Mpa.
  • This grade of steel can be used for welding because it conducts electricity.
  • Another property of mild steel is malleability. It is hard, slightly ductile but not brittle, which makes it apt for construction material in Singapore like pipelines.
  • Mild steel has ferromagnetic properties making it easily magnetised. Thus, perfect for creating electrical devices. This property is also the reason why mild steel is utilised in electromechanical devices such as:
    1. Generators
    2. Pole pieces
    3. Small motors
    4. Lamination for relays
  • It is easy to machine mild steel such as lathing, shaping, milling and drilling because it not very hard due to low carbon content.
  • The tensile strength of mild steel remains intact in a wide range of temperature, about −80 °C to +30 °C. It means that mild steel can be used in locations as hot as a desert or even somewhere much colder. It is one of the reasons mild steel is abundantly used in the industrial sector of Singapore. The steel can resist critical loads, even in hostile environments.
  • It can be utilised as structural steel, which is why car manufacturers apply it for making parts of the vehicle as well as the body of the automobile.

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There is a whole slew of other vital mechanical properties of mild steel. The density and weldability are only the tip of the iceberg. It is why mild steel is regularly used in Singapore. From everyday objects like spoons and pans found in the kitchen to more esoteric objects found in specialised industries, mild steel marks its presence everywhere.

To Sum Up The Value Of Mild Steel In Singapore

Any end product made of this metal such as mild steel gates is neither too brittle not too ductile. Making them almost perfect. No wonder, nearly 90% of all steel products in Singapore are manufactured out of mild steel. But like every other material found on earth, even mild steel has certain drawbacks. One of them is its susceptibility to rust. Thus, when the requirement is for corrosion-resistant products, stainless steel is preferred.

Even though mild steel is prone to rust, it is still a vital manufacturing metal because it is, hands down, the cheapest form of steel. Amalgamate the cost-effectiveness of mild steel with its other mechanical properties and the metal reaches infinite potential in regards to possible end-products.

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