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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Learn The Benefits Of Having Fire Rated Roller Shutter Doors

The Complete Guide To Fire Rated Rolling Shutter Doors

Fire safety is an important aspect that deserves utmost attention while constructing a building in Singapore. And if you intend to enhance your building’s fire safety protection, consider installing fire rated roller shutter for the entrances and exits. Fire-rated doors guarantee the protection of your building premises by facilitating excellent fire resistance and containing the fire in small areas. Fire-rated roller shutters are fantastic options for the buildings that include mechanisms to detect fire and function automatically. Many of these automated systems are connected to fire alarm systems that alert the people inside the building as well as to those nearer to the building.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter DoorFire protection is also extremely imperative to safeguard possessions such as important documents and equipment. While fire safety gears like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire alarms provide enough fire warnings, a fire-rated roller shutter works exceptionally well in containing the fire and eliminating the threat of fire spread. Similarly, security doors with fire-rated doors facilitate safe exit when a fire breaks out. The sturdy steel build of the door enhances the fire resistance property of the doors and can be used to contain the fire in smaller areas by closing each entry point. Sectional roller shutters at different sections of the buildings or floors can control the fire spread by managing and controlling the spread by closing each floor. The floor-wise damage can be prevented to a great extent with sectional roller shutters. The following section mentions a few exceptional benefits of installing fire-rated doors in Singapore and tips for the installation.

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What Are Fire-rated Doors And The Benefits Of Installing These Doors In A Building?

Fire-rated doors are roller shutters and doors, made from fire-resistant materials like metal, steel, glass, gypsum, vermiculite boards or timber. The materials are capable enough to withstand fire for a few hours and facilitate enough time to put out the fire and carry over the rescue operations. Besides their fire resistance properties, the fire-rated doors are tested for resistance threshold as well. The materials are also weather resistant making it extremely durable throughout different seasons in Singapore.

Fire resistance ratings
Fire resistance ratings and tests are conducted to evaluate the ability of the materials or assembly in use, to withstand fire in a given area and also to determine their capability to safeguard the building’s structural integrity. An assembly is usually referred to as components of a wall which might include, insulation, siding, sheathing or other products. The fire ratings are extremely useful in determining the time given to the occupants to escape the building before it collapses due to the heat and fire. These time-sensitive tests are rated in the range from A to C, with rating A providing the materials highest fire resistance degree and C, the lowest. The highest resistance ratings give the occupants a longer time to escape the fire compared to the low ratings.

Benefits of Having Fire-resistant Roller Shutter Doors

  • Fire rated roller shutters enable the comfortable evacuation of the building occupants during fire emergencies.
  • Fire resistance properties guarantee the safety of essential documents and possessions inside the buildings.
  • Sectional roller shutters present on different floors ensures containing the fire on the respective floors and eliminating the risks of spreading toxic gases and smoke.
  • The customizable fire rated roller shutter is available in variable sizes designs that not only ensure safety but also contribute to the aesthetics of the entire building.
  • The robust and sturdy built to ensure protection from thefts and vandalism as well.
  • The fire shutters, which are either connected to fire alarm systems or to exist as a standalone system, ensure the prompt triggering during emergencies. Most of these systems are automated and don’t necessarily require manual intervention.
  • Apart from their stellar fire resistance properties, the doors are sustainable and can be put to use once the damage is settled. Eco-efficiency and recyclable features make fire-rated doors an efficient choice for buildings in Singapore.

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Selecting The Best Fire-rated  Shutter Doors And Ways Of Installation

Fire-rated roller shutter door in BrooklynzWhile the fire ratings give your buildings fantastic fire resistance properties, it is equally imperative to select the best doors that guarantee durability and safety above anything else. A higher fire rating roller shutter is best suited for industries and factories that are prone to easy fire. Likewise, installing a fire rated roller shutter would be the right choice considering the aesthetics and safety of the buildings.

Besides choosing the right rating for your roller shutters, it is also equally important to be mindful of the locations where the shutters are installed. Here are a few quick tips for deciding the best location for installing roller shutters in your building.

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