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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
The Aluminium Roller Shutter: The Perfect Choice To Protect Commercial Outlets

The Perfect Choice To Protect Commercial Outlets

The Aluminium Roller Shutter

New roller shutter door from Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte LtdIn Singapore, when it comes to reliable security, the aluminium roller shutter has long been and will remain the top choice of all commercial establishments and shop fronts. Of late, these shutters have proved to be more than just an element of safety. Aluminium is one of the strongest and most versatile metals. Roller shutters made from this metal are widely appreciated for their multiple benefits. Manufacturers are inundated with orders for aluminium roller shutters to secure shopfronts, door-fronts, windows, patios, catering counters, bars, and reception areas.

In this article, we enumerate the various advantages of using aluminium roller shutters for commercial purposes.

Benefits Gained By Using Aluminium Roller Shutters

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One of the foremost and obvious reasons for installing roller shutters made from aluminium is to secure the premises, whether it is a tiny shop or a large format showroom. Shop owners prefer securing every window and door-front with customised roller shutters. A well-made and properly installed roller shutter deters miscreants from trying to break into shops. It protects and preserves the appealing facade of the building even when there are riots or any untoward incidents.

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Aluminium is light-weight, malleable, ductile, and extremely versatile, making it an excellent choice for clients who want the roller shutters to be custom-made. Manufacturers offer a wide range of choices in design, size, colour, texture, and finish.


Aluminium roller doors are easy to operate even if they have to be manually rolled up or down. If the budget allows, shop owners can opt for a motorised operation that can be done by simply clicking on a switch or by using a remote control. The rollers are efficient and proper maintenance ensures they will not get stuck on their way up or down.

Temperature Control

Most roller shutters are foam-filled aluminium profiles that have the natural tendency to keep out harsh weather elements such as heat, wind, cold, and dust. By keeping them partially or fully open, the shutters can effectively control the amount of natural lighting that enters the shop, thereby controlling the room's airflow.

Noise Insulation & Privacy

By simply pulling down the shutters, one can lock out the noise and keep out prying eyes. With roller shutters, there is no way of peeking through the slats, thus providing absolute privacy. The foam insulation also helps keep out the noise, which is a big advantage for shops in noisy commercial areas.

Functionality And Professionalism

Aluminium roller shutters are extremely handy as they are easy to operate. Businesses such as garages, warehouses, motor workshops, and showrooms can improve their internal operations, especially when things are constantly moving in and out of the premises. Instead of installing multiple doors, a couple of roller shutters will increase efficiency and improve the place's overall appeal.

Aesthetic Value

As manufacturers introduce new ideas and trends, roller shutters are no longer perceived as drab or boring. Alu Aluminium versatility allows it to be painted, textured, cut, and designed in many ways. These shutters improve the aesthetic appeal of the shop and increase the property and business value.

Protection From Natural Calamities

A secure roller shutter is strong enough to withstand the ferocity of gales, storms, hurricanes, etc. Securing every glass window with a roller shutter, high-end restaurants, boutiques, and flagship stores can effectively protect their interiors as the shutters are designed to take on the brunt of weather extremities.

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More Advantages Of Shutter Doors

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Here are some simple by proven reasons why aluminium roller shutters are the preferred choice of shop owners:

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