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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Roller Shutters for Commercial Purposes - A One-Time Solution

Roller Shutters for Commercial Purposes - A One-Time Solution

One of the many factors that drive the success of commercial businesses is the security and integrity of their premises. Proper protection of the premises means proper protection of the property and the goods. From the smallest lock-up shop to the biggest factory, exterior protection is paramount. 

The entrance to a shop or building must not only be a physical deterrent to potential intruders but also provide effective insulation against weather elements. Going by these parameters, roller shutter doors are the best choice- an all-in-one solution that lasts for a long time. Forged from sturdy metals like steel, aluminium, or iron, they are robust, flexible and stylish. 

The market is inundated with options for commercial roller shutters. Before exploring the various choices, we need to analyze how and why roller shutters are a sensible investment for businesses. 

The Role of an Aluminium Roller Shutter Door in Commercial Establishments in Singapore

  • Being a physical deterrent is the first and foremost advantage of installing a shutter. A sturdy aluminium roller shutter or any other metal shutter is more than enough to make intruders think twice before trying to rob a commercial space.
  • Roller shutters offer excellent protection from all weather elements such as heat, wind, cold, rain, hail, and stormy weather. 
  • They can effectively deflect harmful debris that is carried by strong cyclonic winds. 
  • Roller shutters offer superb exterior protection to expensive glass or wood windows and doors. 
  • Shutter doors effectively protect the property from vandalism, pilfering and looting that often happen after a natural calamity.
  • Remote-controlled shutters offer complete, effortless control of one’s business premises. 
  • Shutters provide limited access into the building. They offer the flexibility of keeping certain areas open while keeping others securely locked. 
  • Perforations and slats on the shutters provide air circulation and light for businesses that require this option.

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Roller Shutter Door Options for Businesses and Industries

Aluminium Roller Shutters

It is safe to say that aluminium has overtaken steel mainly due to its lightweight sturdiness. Aluminium shutters are strong enough to withstand the onslaught of a full hurricane, hence their lightweight properties should not be underestimated. Since aluminium is available in abundance, they are extremely reasonable, which is another reason why they are popular across various small and large businesses. The metal is extremely versatile, allowing roller shutter manufacturers to come up with a wide spectrum of colours, textures and designs. 

Steel Shutters

Despite their weight and cost, steel is a metal that will always be in demand. Steel roller shutters are the first and only choice of many businesses in Singapore because nothing makes a formidable barrier like a steel shutter. There are many reasons why people prefer steel shutters:

  • Robustness, ruggedness and durability.
  • Offers excellent insulation against heat and cold.
  • Customization options such as perforated slats, cast-iron end clips, and peepholes. 
  • Available as galvanized steel, stainless steel and powder-coated steel.

Bar Panel Sectional Doors

Bar panels are mostly a square or rectangular frame fitted with horizontal or vertical panels that are fashioned from sturdy aluminium. Most often, bar panel shutters are used for subterranean garages and car parks that require ample ventilation while maintaining security. Businesses can customize their bar panel shutters to be motorized and remote-controlled. Manually operated panel shutters are equally effective, although the former ones add a bit of pizzazz. 

Ventilated Shutters

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For factories and buildings that require the free flow of air along with proper security, ventilated shutters are the apt choice. Available with slats or perforations, ventilated shutters are a vital feature for loading docks, car parks and other premises that require both ample air flow and vision. 

Brooklynz Steel Industries is one of the finest roller shutter door manufacturers in Singapore. The company remains the top choice of many commercial and industrial establishments across the country. Brooklynz is known for supplying products that are flawless in make, durability and reliability. To get customized roller shutters for your business premises call us @ +65 9456 2455

Tips to Choose Aluminium Roller Shutter and other Shutter Doors

Businesses must analyze the following points before investing in roller shutter doors:

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