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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Roller shutter doors: One Solution, Multiple Benefits

Roller Shutter Doors: One Solution, Multiple Benefits

It is a common misconception that roller shutters provide only security because of their formidable exterior. Made of galvanized steel, aluminum, alloy, iron or stainless steel, these metal barriers come with more than just one advantage. Roller shutter doors are almost impossible to break open, which makes them an excellent physical deterrent to thieves and intruders. 

Although this is one of the main reasons why roller shutters are the most preferred choice, they also have a slew of benefits that we will analyze in detail in this post.

Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors as listed by a Top-notch Roller Shutter Supplier

Whether they are installed for industrial, commercial or residential purposes, roller shutter doors are truly a worthy investment in more ways than one. 

  • Absolute Protection
    An intruder may probably succeed in picking the lock of a roller shutter, but not in breaking down the door itself. Roller shutters are almost impossible to remove because they are fitted very closely to the door or window. Since they cannot be pulled away without a great deal of effort and noise, intruders do not think it is worth the try. Roller shutters are also manufactured with guide rails that conceal the screws once the shutter is closed.
  • Complete Privacy
    The latest trend is using roller shutters to safeguard windows and garages. High-end boutiques and showrooms prefer shutters to protect their glass windows when the business closes for the day. Of late, architects are also recommending roller shutters for residences to block the view from pedestrians, because they offer 100% privacy. Besides, there’s nothing like these shutters to give double protection for doors and windows.

    Brooklynz  recommends the shutters for houses that are located in commercial areas, near airports, bus stations and other public places. Brooklynz is a major roller shutter door supplier that caters to a large number of industries and residences throughout Singapore. We specialize in customized roller shutters in various materials and colours.

  • Protection from heat 
    Most people are not aware that shutters can offer great protection from the heat of the sun much more effectively than blinds and glass panes. Even heavy curtains cannot keep away the heat, because once the outer glass pane gets hot it will pass on the heat to the curtain which slowly dissipates into the house. Foam-filled Polyurethane shutters prevent nearly 70% of the outside heat from filtering inside the house, because they bear the direct heat of the sun. The heat dissipates through the gap between the shutter and the window, thus preventing the house from getting very hot.
  • Protection from damage
    Roller shutters provide immense peace of mind to businessmen and house owners who are worried about damage to their property due to storms, wind, and vandalism. Shutters deflect flying branches and other debris that can easily break glass panes and enter the room. Besides, there aren’t that many elements that can get past a heavy, padlocked, metal roller shutter that is designed to withstand winds of nearly 100 kmph.
  • Effective noise control
    Roller shutters can shut out the outdoor noise by nearly 50%. This is a blessing for homes that are situated right near airports, stadiums, schools, and other noisy places. Manufactured with extensive soundproofing materials, roller shutters cut off the exterior noise once they are tightly locked in place. If a building has roller shutters on its windows and doors, there will be almost 80% reduction in sound. But, complete soundproofing is impossible as noise will enter the building through other ways.
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  • Light control
    Installing roller shutters gives the user absolute control of the outside light that enters the building. The user can choose to completely block out the light by pulling the shutter all the way down or have them wide open for a flood-lit interior. Roller shutters that come with slats or perforations allow light to filter through while staying shut. This brilliant option also allows air circulation inside a closed building.
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    Opt for High Quality Roller Shutters from Brooklynz- The Best Roller Shutter Supplier in Singapore

    If you are opting to install roller shutter doors, quality should be your top priority. Brooklynz manufacturers roller shutters that are impeccable in quality and durability. Users can pick from a wide range of materials and colours. From manufacturing to installation and post-installation services, Brooklynz team gets everything done for you right on time. For details call us @ +65 9456 2455. 

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