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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Reasons that architects in Singapore prefer spiral staircase railings

Reasons that architects in Singapore prefer spiral staircase railings

Spiral Staircase Railing - Staircase railing in SingaporeStaircases are viewed as mere structures in a building that are meant to assist people to move from one floor to the other in a building. Though this is the primary function of staircases, these have the potential to can transform the look and aesthetics of the building. If you want the building to be modern, then you should make sure you choose the right type of staircase that can make your home stunning and attractive instead of being boring with the same old type of stairs.

Spiral staircase suppliers, you should discuss with experts in the construction and designing industry in Singapore so that you get proper guidance. In addition to the material of railings, even spiral staircases will leave a good impression on your home.

Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte, follows successful technical practices to deliver customized stainless steel products for construction projects. We adapt safety standards and take pride in our credibility with our achievement of BizSAFE star. We specialize in fabrication, supply and installation services for stainless steel railings, gates , bollards and more.

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Spiral staircase railings add style to your home in Singapore

There are many spiral staircase manufacturers in Singapore and they provide a variety of staircase railings options that will suit your requirements. As they have ready stock of the common types of railings, they will be able to deliver the ready-to-use handrails without any considerable delay. The common types of railings that you can find include,

  • Railings with balustrades
  • Railings with hoops
  • Round bar
  • Intermediate rails
  • Raised railings
  • Railings with sheet metal
  • Railings with mesh infill.

For the best results, these staircase handrail manufacturers also provide adjoining surfaces as well as walls with barrier of a similar style. These are called landing railing, balcony railings, and arch railings. Before you make the right choice of handrails, it is important that you decide where you want the staircase to be positioned and if the same has to be child-proof or not.

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Spiral staircase railings in Singapore increase the aesthetic appeal

These days, many people prefer spiral staircase railings for their buildings and choose the best makers of such handrails in Singapore for the best results. Spiral staircases aren’t new and are being used for ages. These are used not only for residential purposes but also in industrial buildings, cathedrals, hotels, etc. across the world. With this type of staircases, the buildings look very attractive. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the spiral staircases also make the most elaborate designs possible.

When it comes to spiral staircases, these come with different looks. Some staircases have handrails made of exotic timber adorned with complex carvings, some railings are fitted with glass to achieve a contemporary look and some others are made from stainless steel or wrought iron. Notably, the stainless steel stairs have a number of merits making them a popular option. Well, unlike conventional materials such as wood, stainless steel railings do not need intense maintenance and these have anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. In addition to adding to the aesthetic appeal, these stair railings are also long-lasting and not too expensive.

Spiral staircase railings let you manage space in your home in Singapore

Spiral Staircase Railing in SingaporeIf you choose to use the spiral staircase for your home, then you should find answers to some questions to know if space will be used efficiently or not. To make sure that no space is left unused, it is important to find out a staircase that will make use of all the space that is available. This is where spiral stairs are useful as these make use of the space efficiently. The vertical nature of these stairs will make them the perfect fit even in homes or buildings with a small architectural footprint as the other types of staircases will occupy a lot of space.

Given that space efficiency is a major concern of home users, installing spiral stairs will resolve their concern as it uses relatively smaller space and optimizes space efficiently. With space optimization, it is possible to fit in a large piece of coach or furniture in the unused space and make your home look great and appealing. Besides this, space can be used for storage as well that will result in a much organized and cleaner living space.

You can choose Brooklynz, which is one of the top stainless steel fabricators in Singapore who makes the best staircase railings to add aesthetical value to your home.

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