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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Spindle spacing on spiral staircase railing in Singapore structures

Spindle Spacing on Spiral Staircase railing in Singapore Structures

The last step of a flawless staircase installation is getting perfect spindle spacing between the newel posts. And, this can be done after considering a few factors while installing the staircase railing. Based on the country you live in, the stairs spiral building codecs and regulations will vary and the professional designing your house will be able to get the right one done keeping the safety factors in mind. It is always important to ensure that you know the maximum permitted dimension before installing the staircase.

Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte, follows successful technical practices to deliver customized stainless steel products for construction projects. We adapt safety standards and take pride in our credibility with our achievement of BizSAFE star. We specialize in fabrication, supply and installation services for stainless steel railings, gates, bollards and more.

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Spiral Staircase Railing - Staircase railing in SingaporeBe it installing balusters on a balcony, porch, veranda, staircase, garden decking or anywhere else, the concept is the same. You should have a set of tools before you get started and these are listed below.

  • A sharp pencil
  • PVA wood glue
  • Nail punch
  • Chop saw and clamps
  • Block plane
  • 20-30mm panel pins
  • A hammer
  • A tape measure

Engineers in Singapore will first suggest measuring the space

When it comes to spindle spacing in the spiral staircase railing installation, steel fabrication experts in Singapore will suggest that you follow the steps. The first step is to cut the spindles as per the required length and arrange them at the bottom. It is easy to cut square spindles while turned ones need more care. You can use a bevel for the purpose to cut the spindles at the correct angle. It is better to mark the length before you cut so that you need to worry about wrong length later. Use one spindle as a template and work on the other spindles.

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The next step is to measure the available horizontal space. If you have a long run of spindles, you find the center of the angled staircase and find one spindle there to make it manageable for you. This will help you install the other spindles with ease. But ensure to screw to up so that it will not budge when you work on installing the other spindles across the staircase run.

Segmenting the spindle spacing is important, suggest Singapore experts

Spiral Staircase Railing - BrooklynzRemember that you need to have an additional spindle spacing than the total number of spindles. For instance, if you have 10 spindles, then there should be 11 spindle spacing. In some countries, it is mandatory not to have more than 100mm spindle spacing horizontally to prevent toddlers from falling off. To prevent such incidents, you can have a smaller spindle spacing of 90mm. There are buildings in Singapore with narrower spindle spacing of 90mm in spiral staircase railing and these also give a good look.

Next, you need to grab a spacing strip of nearly 300mm long and cut it with the staircase pitch angle, which is the position where the newel post and handrail meet. Use a ruler or tape measure to position spindles at the correct distance from the newel post at the top. If the spindles do not fit securely in the rails, pin at the bottom temporarily to keep it in the right position. It is important to hold the spacer and mark the length using a spark pencil.

With a saw, cut the angle on the spacer and transfer the measurement using a sharp pencil to cut the spindle at the desired length. Make sure you mark the measurement so that there are identical spindles positioned at the right distance. Each spindle spacing will have two spacers but only one third to half the amount is needed.

Finishing gives a good look to spiral staircase railing in your Singapore home

You should finish the staircase railing using PVA glue and 30mm panel pins to fix two spacers at first. These should be positioned at the top and the bottom of the spiral staircase. Ensure the slide the same a little against the newel post. You should ensure to punch the nail heads below the surface so that the same can be decorated at a later stage.

After the installation of spindles throughout the run of staircase railings, you should make sure that everything is done perfectly. Once the spindles are placed and secured perfectly, you can sit and admire the spiral staircase railings and keep it looking great adding an attraction to your home.

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