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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Stainless Steel Fabrication Trends from Experts at Singapore

Stainless Steel Fabrication Trends from Experts at Singapore

Metal fabrication has traveled a long way and has progressed to become the backbone of the manufacturing and engineering sectors across the world. There are several sectors such as construction, automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and power, manufacturing, etc. that use metal fabrication. As stainless steel fabrication has a positive outlook, the industry has witnessed a massive transformation in a few decades. Eventually, the businesses that work within the stainless steel fabrication sector in Singapore are adopting new business strategies and trends to reposition their market and implement various developments that can spur their growth.
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Traditionally, the stainless steel fabrication industry was quite simple. It just includes cutting, machining, welding, and assembly processes to create the final product. Nowadays, the industry is highly cyclical and dynamic and the overall growth depends on industries such as automotive, construction, aerospace and energy. These changes have forced the metal shops to bring a diversification in their customer base and also foresee demands accurately for more profitability in Singapore.

Basic steps related to stainless steel fabrication in Singapore

The process of steel fabrication will ensure that the metal is transformed to a shape and size that is preferred for the requirement. Usually, the stainless steel fabrication experts will carry out the following processes,

  • Strengthening of material
  • Machining
  • Welding

At Singapore, the stainless steel fabrication process involves two main methods – integrated route and electric arc furnace. The first process is common and involves a simple procedure. In this method, the constituents are melted once they are heated and mixed with steel. In the second phase, which is relatively easy and quicker than the integrated route, the constituent metals are added continuously until the alloy is steel. Called the electric arc furnace, this processes is simple and should be done with enough precision and care.

Notably, there are over 3000 types of steel and it could be really though to have an understanding of the same. But remember that each of these steel materials has various physical, chemical as well as environmental properties. And, the right stainless steel fabrication process will understand these properties.

Stainless steel fabrication trends include automation and 3D printing

When it comes to talking about the trends of stainless steel fabrication in Singapore, the first thing is automation. Well, there is a rise in automation across all segments. Undoubtedly, it has changed the way the businesses work including stainless steel fabrication. Automating the critical processes such as production and assembly will help businesses optimize their operations as well as minimize the cost. Given that robotics technology is improving continuously. Automation is one trend that stainless steel fabrication businesses are also embracing this trend.

The next relatively new technology is 3D printing. This technology is being used in the manufacturing industry in order to manufacture product prototypes. However, things are quite exciting as more stainless steel fabrication businesses are in plans to invest in 3D printing technology. These businesses aim to create simple and sophisticated structures and tools with the use of this technology. Notably, metal 3D printing is different from conventional steel fabrication processes. The reason is that it uses stamping of metals to create the desired design.

Reshoring is a continuing trend in stainless steel fabrication at Singapore

While there are some notable trends such as 3D printing and automation, a continuing trend, which you should look for in the stainless steel fabrication industry is reshoring aka manufacturing regionalization. Several businesses are switching from the offshore model to the onshore or nearshore model. In the latter, the manufacturing services are quite closer to the innovation and market demand. Some key driving factors that result in the surge of reshoring are increase in foreign wages, market volatility risks and transport costs.

There are several stainless steel fabrication companies in the industry in Singapore that move their fabrications to other countries and favorable environments. Given that the reshoring trend is growing at a constant pace, companies should boost their abilities and embrace new technologies that will make them relevant in the industry.

The rise of developing or emerging markets in the past few years, the stainless steel fabrication industry has witnessed lots of opportunities across growth sectors. This results in rapid globalization. These businesses are positioned in such a way that they deal with new business ecosystems and local and global markets.

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