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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Basic components of staircase railings for buildings in Singapore

Basic components of staircase railings for buildings in Singapore

Spiral Staircase Railing - BrooklynzBe it a new building or a renovating an existing one, it is important to focus on its appearance. Besides being functional, the building or structure should also have good looks and aesthetics. Only then, the building will get a monetary value. However, most building owners overlook this important component and fail to install a good-looking and right type of staircase in their home. The naive people who do not have an idea of how useful the stairs can be might be confused about the components that are a part of the staircase. So, it is important to understand the basic terms that are a part of the spiral staircase railings by having a word with experts in Singapore.

Well, the concept of staircase construction and deciding the right design for the same can become overwhelming for a majority of homeowners. Eventually, it is important to leave the task of installing a staircase or renovating one to the experts in the field. They will suggest the right type of decorative posts, stair railings, treads, risers, etc. that will go into it.

Experts in Singapore follow two types of staircase railings construction

Before we move on to the components, we need to know that there are two types of stair construction methods. It is important to know these two types of construction before shopping the components. The first one is post-to-post construction, which is a relatively simpler and more affordable technique. It is done by joining railings to posts. This one involves the railing hitting a side of a square newel of a ball top newel. The next one is post-over construction technique and this one entails the railings over the posts. It is more expensive as it uses additional fittings and involves more labour for the installation.

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Basic parts used in the staircase railings in Singapore

When it comes to the basic stair components, there are some parts that are responsible for the making up of the entire staircase. These components are known as balustrade and these offer support to the entire system. The balustrade keeps users from falling off as walk on the stairs. The following are the components that are a part of staircase railings usually used by the stainless steel fabricating professionals in Singapore,

  • Stringers
  • Treads
  • Risers
  • Starter step

Spiral Staircase Railing - Staircase railing in SingaporeNotably, the staircase comprises four main parts as mentioned above. The stringer is a part of the stair that runs along its side. It involves supporting the surface portion of the stairs that the people walk on. The treads are horizontal parts of the staircase. This is the place where please place their feet. Risers are the stair component that is a vertical portion of the staircase. The starter step is also known as a swell step. It gets the name as it is the first step on the staircase. Railings or handrails are a major component of any staircase. It is often seen on both sides of the stairs. However, there are cases wherein it is used only on one side of the stair as well. Sometimes, the handrails are termed Bannister as well.

Also, there are newel posts that are central poles and these are stationed on the landings at the start and finish of the stairs. These are of four kinds – standard newels, pin-top newels, landing newels and stabilizer newel posts.

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Staircase railings model codes are followed by local authorities in Singapore

There are staircase railings model codes for the local authorities to follow. It is necessary to check with the local building code authority or department to know the code that pertains to the specific community. Staircase handrails and guard construction should adhere to the preset codes. In some cases, these might need permit requirements as well. It is important to know that the code of the staircase railings meets the Singapore codes.

There are restrictions such as handrail height, maximum projection from the wall, minimum hand clearance of the railings from the wall, a minimum distance between the railings, minimum railing distance in the case of one railing and a minimum height of the guard railing. These aspects will be taken care of by the professionals, so it is important to involve them when it comes to the construction of staircases and taking the right decisions related to the same.

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