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By The Top Stainless Steel Works Singapore Company

Brooklynz Stainless Steel redefines the meaning of SS products. We are the organically grown stainless steel fabrication company Singapore known for their inventive designs and durable quality. Our dedication to perfection, for each production phase, has coined us the term “SS specialists” in the country. And over the years, our plethora of stainless-steel products have been utilized by:



Interior Designers

Construction Contractors

What Makes Brooklynz The Better Choice!
The Pioneer Stainless Steel Fabrication Company In Singapore!

The experience in, not just designing but, manufacturing and fitting has afforded us the most diverse assortment of stainless steel products. Each item we produce is of premium quality and made to the specification of the patron. Thanks to our commitment to technology, our facilities are well equipped to meet the ever changing and expanding needs of the construction sector. The magic of Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication Singapore doesn’t end here.

We are acclaimed for a reason. And the reason encompasses far more than durable quality and easy installation. When clients come to us, we provide them with stainless steel products that recreate the exact atmosphere you desire. From outdoor railing systems to indoor spiral staircase, every Stainless Steel product that we create is polished in appearance.

In short, the unique attributes of Brooklynz that makes us the preferred stainless steel company are:

On time

Low maintenance

Long-term durability

We promise, be it a new project or an old one being revamped, we can provide the precise design, assembly, and safety you want. At the price you set.

Moving Beyond The Limits
Of Stainless Steel Fabrication Singapore

A skilled workforce, state of the art facilities and cutting-edge designs are the three oars rowing Brooklynz Stainless Steel products beyond Singapore. We work with a simple yet profound vision, to be known far and wide as the premier solutions provider of stainless steel and metal works. While carving the path to this goal, we keep every stakeholder as the priority. From clients to vendors to employs, we work towards holistic growth.

Our mission is to become partners with our clients and not just service product suppliers. To this end:

  • We deliver quality that exceeds expectation.
  • We provide services that are professional and cost-effective.
  • We maintain, at all times, the highest levels of integrity and credibility.

Our Projects
Our Latest Works

From commercial buildings to private residences, we cover every construction project with our versatile collection of stainless-steel products. Each product we manufacture has three characteristic features – simplicity, robustness, and practicality. Therefore, each one of them easily adapts to the current & modern style of architecture. Every man and woman who works at Brooklynz has an exceptional combination of laser focus and incredible craftsmanship. It is why we manufacture stainless steel products that are beyond compare.


Singapore based Stainless Steel Fabricators with ample experience will be a great asset for your project.

we deliver what we promise

We deliver what we promise. We have our own in-house QC team to inspect our products before our clients do their own inspection.