Staircase Railing

Staircase Railing Singapore – The Final Touch You Need

The structure that lines either side of a staircase is known as a staircase railing. It is a balustrade that offers aesthetic appeal and pure functionality. The design of the handrail adds to the decoration, and the manufacturing material provides the support needed by individuals ascending or descending it. At Brooklynz Stainless Steel, we design, produce and install the fulfil both these attributes to the T.
The staircase railings we manufacture and supply can consist of:

One handrail which is attached to a sidewall.

Metal or wood balusters that are topped by a metal or wooden handrail. Again, on one or either side of the stairs.

A balustrade made of glass connected to one or either side of the staircase.

A combination of both glass and metal balusters.

The designs of our stair handrails are the final touch your project needs to gain that polished and refined look.

Attention Grabbing Options for Stair Handrails

Are you in search of a staircase that catches the eye in the first look? Are you looking for a good stainless steel fabrication company to get a staircase railing design that blends seamlessly into the background and is merely functional? We are capable of providing both solutions and at economical prices that stay within your range. Our brochure of staircase railings includes:

Designer Steel Handrail

Industrial Steel Staircase Rails

Decorative Stainless-Steel Stair Rails

Residential Steel Handrail

Outdoor Stainless-Steel Handrails

High Tensile SS Handrails for Stairs

Commercial Steel Stair Rails

Corrosion Resistance Staircase Railings

Architectural Stainless-Steel Staircase Railings

These were just some of the myriad options that we keep in stock produced as per the set industry standards. They can be delivered with the shortest lag time. Our experts can also design custom-made staircase railings to better befit a project.


We supply and install all types of Railings, Stair Balustrades & Handrails in and around Singapore.

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