The Leaders Of Stainless Steel Bollard Singapore

Brooklynz Stainless Steel is the leading manufacturer of bollards in Singapore. Used both as security bollards and vehicle barrier systems, our products are top of the class. Ideal for a temporary or permanent restriction to entry, you can make any area secure with our steel bollards. Offering a range of systems, we manufacture:

  • Fast deployment bollards
  • High-class security bollards.

Patrons can utilize our retractable bollards as standalone elements or in combination with boom barriers. The bollards we supply to Singapore cater to the highest echelon of security against unauthorized vehicle entry. Over the years, we have made a name that is synonymous with protection and quality.

The Immense Use Of Steel Bollards In Singapore

Years of experience in the field has given the design experts at Brooklynz the know-how on manufacturing bollards that offer a list of advantages. Here is an overview of what you get with our bollards.

They are the best choice to protect from a vehicle attack while being completely pedestrian friendly.

They can be fixed, removable, retractable or telescopic which makes them simple barriers with utmost strength.

The bollards can blend into the holistic design of the area by utilizing different coatings and sleeves to produce varying aesthetics.

Curb-side bollards provide physical security on the streets and to the people walking on the sidewalks from traffic.

Public highways can be secured against illegal entry using automatic bollards. They can also be fit for building entrances.


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K4 Bollard Singapore The Advantages You Accrue

At Brooklynz, we offer three ratings of stainless-steel bollards: Traffic, K4, & K12. Each one provides security, access control, and nil maintenance. They can be employed alone or integrated with an existing network or installed to a building management system. Out of the three grades of bollards, K4 provides the most significant advantages to you:e benefit a client accrues when they patron with us for their steel bollard needs in Singapore.

  • Stainless steel bollards are long-lasting because they have enduring strength. It is the most prominent merit of them. Because our bollards are durable, you can effectively utilize them in parking lots, roads or shopping malls to add aesthetic value. The strength also ensures that our bollards can withstand almost every weather condition.
  • From fixed bollards to removable steel bollards, our products require almost nil maintenance. Our demand has gone up because Brooklynz supplies corrosion resistant bollards in Singapore. Furthermore, when we fabricate your bollards they do not:
    • Stain
    • ¬†Rust
    • Disintegrate

Even in the harshest environments, Brooklynz stainless steel bollards stand strong. Exposure to extreme conditions like too much heat has almost zero impact on our bollards.A low cost of installation and modern look are the two added paybacks metal bollards by Brooklynz gives to patrons. A stylish finish to your business or office premise at minimal maintenance charge is the benefit a client accrues when they patron with us for their steel bollard needs in Singapore.

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