Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates in Singapore

Upgrade Your Security With Style

Automatic gates are simply awe-inspiring, cool, and uber chic. In a nutshell, they are awesome! An automatic gate gives the entire residence and its premises a contemporary facelift. They add a touch of elegance that is perfectly combined with digitally enhanced security features.

Catering to this “very -much-in-vogue” accessory, Brooklynz provides automatic gates that come in an eclectic range of colours and styles. We at Brooklynz look to deliver, install, and service the best automatic gate systems and auto repair systems throughout the entire nation of Singapore.

Automatic Swing Gate Customisations

When it comes to designs for our custom-built automatic gates Singapore, the sky’s the limit. Our website has a plethora of images to choose from or transform your vision of a perfect gate into a precise sketch using CAD technology or Computer-Aided Design.

Brooklynz offers access methods that are the inherent security features of the gate. Customers may choose from a range of keypads, remote transmitters, telephone entry options, and automatic exit and entrance options to enhance their electronic gate systems Singapore.

Materials With a Touch of Class at Singapore

Brooklynz offers you premium quality steel that comes in three types

Carbon steel

Carbon steel has higher carbon content, hence it has a lower melting point. This makes the steel more malleable, and durable.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel comes with a coating of chromium that makes it impervious to stains and rust.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel has a good coat of zinc that prevents it from rusting.

Automatic Gates – Know the Legacy

Fabricating to Perfection in Singapore

Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pvt.Ltd armed with years of experience in manufacturing, delivering, installing, and servicing products made of superior steel has perfected the art of installing the best automatic gate opening system Singapore and ensuring excellent service that comes with no compromise of quality.

Aluminium Main Gates at Entrance from Metal Fabrication Company in Singapore

We commence the process by allowing our customers to choose the design and safety features like automatic gate opener Singapore and gate opener remote Singapore. At Brooklynz, the fabrication process commences with the use of galvanized steel. The basic frame or perimeter is made fabricated with a rectangular steel tubing that measures 2 inches or 2 by 4 inches. Into this frame, 1-inch pickets are vertically welded.
The rest of the standard design is customized to add initials, names, logos, symbols addresses, etc to suit the whims and fancies of the client.


Metal Gates Fabricators with professional expertise in residential, commercial, or construction projects in Singapore.

Brand new automatic gate installed at home entrance in Singapore

We have a zero-tolerance policy with no compromise on quality, so your product will be manufactured with only the best materials. Why do we recommend steel?

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Survives exposure to all weather elements.
  • Is reliable for its longevity and lightweight.
  • Cheaper than iron
  • Easily customizable


We offer a wide varities of Gates, using best-in-class quality materials like steel, iron, and aluminum. Our services are spread all over Singapore and beyond. Call us or send us a quick mail to get started.


Brooklynz Accessories for Driveway Gate Openers Singapore

Wheels and Rollers

Gate Locks

Gate Openers

Gate Motors

Install Automatic Gates Anywhere in Singapore

When we take over a project with automatic gates, we are there with you from start to finish AND beyond! That includes the intricate art of installing the automatic gate Singapore. Our team at Brooklynz has perfected the art of installing automatic gates. Without taking into account the time spent on off-site fabrication and transportation, your gate should be installed in 3-5 hours. Timing also depends on the type of project we undertake.

Choosing Automatic Gates: FAQs

What are the types of automatic gates that are available with Brooklynz?

Brooklynz offers slide gates, cantilever gates, swing gates, vertical and pivot lift gates as well as bi-folding and barrier arm gates.

What are the options for opening the gate?

There are 3 options for opening an automatic gate – Sliding, swinging, and dual openers. The choice primarily depends on the kind of terrain where the gate will be installed

What is the material used by Brooklynz?

Brooklynz uses superior quality galvanized steel to reinforce the strength and durability of your gate.

Can the gate be made of carbon steel?

Yes, they can be made of carbon steel. However, mild steel and carbon steel have to be galvanized for extra strength.

In case of a malfunction, how can the gate be operated?

At Brooklynz we make sure that all the automatic systems have a backup feature that will automatically switch to manual when there is a malfunction.

What is the power needed to operate the gates and what if there is a shortage of power?

The suitable power supply is 230V to 13 amp. Power backup devices are the best option during a power shortage. In worst-case scenarios, the manual release will also help to unlock the gate.

What if there is a malfunction?

Relax, you are in good hands because Brooklynz offers repair services. With our repair team taking care of things, your gate should be good to go in no time!

How often will I need to replace my gate?

Brooklynz stainless steel and galvanized steel automatic gates are built to last a lifetime! With good maintenance and minor repairs once in a while, a well-fabricated gate can last for more than 15 years.

How long will it take for the slide gates to open?

Most slide gates are designed to open no more than 1 inch per second. A slide gate that is 20 inches long will open in 20 seconds.

Help! I’m unable to choose between a cantilever and a V track!

The choice between a cantilever and a V-track should be made depending on the terrain of the site of installation. Cantilever gates will work in any terrain. They can also open up without mechanical problems.
A V track gate is not suitable for snowy terrain. Besides, any misalignment during the installation will cause the V track to skip off the track. Hence, maintenance is crucial for both types of gates.

How can I upgrade the security of the gate when it is closed?

Automatic gates are secure enough. However, supplementary locks like magnetic locks can be installed on top of the standard operating lock to enhance the security.

Is there a possibility of the gates closing on a vehicle or person?

This is a risk factor that most owners think about. Rest assured that the Brooklynz team will make sure it doesn’t happen. When the sensors on the door operator are properly positioned, it greatly reduces the possibility of such an accident.