Specialized Fencing Contractors in Singapore

With a skyline of the future and mind-blowing green spaces, Singapore has become the destination for businesses and individuals alike. Brooklynz Stainless Steel helps make mark your corner of land on this island state with steel fences. Being one of the leading fencing manufacturers and suppliers in Singapore, you’ll find our creations everywhere, from bridges to homes and from waterways to buildings.

Singapore’s Top Fencing Product Supplier

With Brooklynz Stainless Steel fences, you can make a choice par excellence because they are enduring, sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain. Every fence we manufacture is first galvanized and then powder coated. The double treatment makes them durable and extremely pleasing to the eyes.

How do you get your property fenced by us? In 4 easy steps.

  • Give us approximate requirements and contact details.
  • We’ll send you a competitive quotation
  • On approval, our team visits your property.
  • We deliver and install your fence.

Popular Fencing Styles in Singapore

Brooklynz inherently understands that the Fencing requirement vary from each block within the building, so that every building in Singapore has a unique fencing pattern or design. We, therefore, cater to a gamut of solutions, ensuring that our fences can be installed virtually anywhere.

  • Chain Link Fence:

The most common type of fence offered by Brooklynz, they are also known as wire or mesh fence. Available in varying gauges and sizes, you’ll come across them in railways, pools, and expressways.

  • Anti-climb Chain Link

A security fence fabricated with tightly woven wires, these fences offer no grip to climb or scale. Therefore, they are best at securing government buildings, public utilities, priceless installations, military bases, etc.

    • Galvanized Fence

     The consistent choice at Brooklynz is the galvanized fence. It is highly durable, requires almost no maintenance, and is light on the pocket!

    • Razor Wire 

    A popular choice in Singapore for securing the fields and property with Razor wire fences. These fences are usually designed with plain steel or galvanized steel. 

    Fences With More Than One USP

    While others lay claim to one or two USPs, at Brooklynz we are proud to say that our fences have a whole list of them:

    Over the years, we have catered to some of the most esteemed names in Singapore, thanks to our R&D team, robust infrastructure, and customization capability.

    • Strong
    • Attractive
    • Tenacious
    • Property friendly


    Singapore based Steel Fencing Fabricators with professional expertise for construction projects.

    Why select Brooklynz Fencing Contractors?

    Room secured with fencingWhat makes Brooklynz Stainless Steel a prominent fencing fabrication firm in Singapore? We deliver top-notch steel fences with every single order. With years of experience under our belt, we have carved our name as the best in the game

    • Style, the first pillar, is easy to come by.
    • Durability, the second pillar, is a little harder to attain.
    • Affordability, the third pillar, is exclusive to Brooklynz.

    We are one of the rare unicorns in Singapore that offers all the three with steel fences.
    When you are in need of superior steel fences with an attractive design and are constrained by a budget, it is Brooklynz Stainless Steel that comes to the rescue. From high-traffic areas to posh locales, we create fences appropriate for every inch of Singapore. From landed private properties to industrial plants, we supply steel fences for every niche!

    Pictures of A Few Of Our Fencing Projects

    What Makes Us Different

    Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte Ltd offers a myriad of alternatives in the design and guarantees undeniable customer satisfaction makes us their obvious choice.

    Competent Manpower

    Industry Experience

    Competitive Pricing

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