Glass Railing

Glass Railing Singapore – The Chic & Space Enhancing Choice

Glass and metal railings by Brooklynz is slowly becoming the most used products. The shift from wooden or entirely metal railings is occurring because, glass railings:

  • Can make the smallest space look more spacious
  • Add a tinge of chic to any décor
  • Also, provide the safety and support for which metal railings are known

These three characteristics have made glass railings popular for residential and commercial construction projects. Since the glass railings allow passage of sunlight and an unobstructed view of a large area, they are favoured for:

  • Hotels
  • Corporate Offices
  • Royal Homes

At Brooklynz, the stainless steel fabrication expert, we offer the option of customising the glass railing by adding a tinted glass or engraving a personalised design to them. Aesthetics is not the only forte of our glass railings; we also design them to make fitting as straightforward as possible.


We’ve helped thousands of customers across Singapore with ith their glass railing needs. We provide excellent railing designs for you.

Endless Array of Customisable Glass Railing Options

Our railings are smooth with, generally, panels less than two inches away from the posts. It makes railings wholly safe for kids and tiny pets, too. While security is one of our priority when manufacturing glass railings, we keep in mind innovation also.

Our solutions, therefore, can be suitably applied to:





They can be utilised as:

Safety rail



By employing the latest technology and tools, our manufacturing process generates stainless steel glass railings that are:

Extremely resilient

Reliable in performance

Beautiful to look at in homes or offices

Protected from sunlight and water harm

Stunning and safe are the two characteristics we promise with every glass railing we install. For more information about our glass railing system get in touch with us. We will reach out to you with a gorgeous and functional railing design!

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