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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Shutter Door

Super Sturdy Roller Shutter Door in Singapore

Give your business premises the added advantage of guaranteed protection with Brooklynz roller shutter doors. We are the top-rated supplier and manufacturer of roller shutter doors in Singapore. Our forte lies in our ability to fabricate roller shutters for some of the nation’s most prominent businesses in the Food & Beverage, apparel, and service-based industry. Our signature roller shutters are a ubiquitous sight in Singapore, adorning corporate offices, shops, and high street retail chain stores. Brooklynz is your one-stop source for manufacturing, installation, repair, and maintenance for the finest roller shutter doors you can find in Singapore. Serving unlimited local demands irrespective of where you are located in Singapore. We will get in touch with you whenever you need us!

Best quality aluminium roller shutter painted in brown by supplier - Brooklynz Singapore

A Swanky Range Of Roller Shutter Doors

Brooklynz is an established Singapore Roller shutter company pioneering in manufacturing manually operated and motorized roller shutter doors. Pick your choice from the biggest array of Brooklynz’s roller shutters and safeguard your property and shutter products!
Aluminum Roller Shutters
Forged from the best materials, our high-end aluminum roller shutter door is lightweight, robust, and extremely reliable for your industrial and commercial requirements.
Aluminum Roller Grilles
Constructed with aluminum flat bars and round pipes, our roller grilles spell elegance that will transform the facade of any school, shop, and car park area.
Polycarbonate Multi-Vision Panel Roller Shutters
Designed with superior quality Polycarbonate, our transparent roller shutter provides a clear view that accentuates any showroom or boutique’s beauty.
Wide range of roller shutter display from the best supplier Brooklynz in Singapore
Perforated See-thru Roller Shutter
Recommended by most of our clients, our see-thru rollers add visual appeal, sufficient air circulation, and light to filter into your shops even when they are closed.
PVC High-Speed Door
Built for durability and fast-paced functionality, our high-speed doors are best suited for your warehouses, workshops, commercial buildings and automation industries.
Fire Roller Shutters
Created as an effectual fire resistance barrier, our fire-rated roller shutter is reinforced to automatically shut down and withstand burning infernos for up to four hours during emergencies.

High-grade Materials for High-Quality Roller Shutter Doors

At Brooklynz, we go the extra mile to source the very best raw materials because we care for our impeccable quality standards. Our team and our in-depth R&D enable us to offer you nothing but the best.
Unique Characteristics of Roller Shutter doors:
Easy operation
Maximum rigidity
Corrosion-resistant properties
Perfect finishes offering an aesthetic look

Stellar Roller Shutter Door Manufacturer In Singapore

Superior Range of MaterialsAluminium Rollers, Polycarbonate, Steel Security Units, Lightweight Grilles make up our range of materials for roller shutters.
Periodical MaintenanceWe offer both ad-hoc and maintenance services at regular intervals as a precautionary step for all types of roller shutter doors.
Immaculate qualityDelivering roller shutters of the finest standards by keeping quality as our first priority every single time.
Comprehensive R&DConstant research & development ensures that we are always at the forefront of the market with our latest products and solutions.
Impeccable Repair ServicesA door problem can be disruptive to your premises, as well as posing security risks. We endeavour to solve roller shutter repair issue at the earliest.
ModernisationWe can provide you with contemporary resistant roller shutters that add aesthetic appeal to your premises.

How We Do What We Do

Our roller shutter experts at Brooklyn are exceptionally skilled in installing your roller shutter door with perfection. The duration and process may vary with the nature of the work and the number of roller shutters.
Expert technician with safety helmet marking dimensions for a roller shutter door using measuring tape in Singapore


Expert technicians visit the site to take measurements and assess the structural conditions and mounting options on the area of installation.
Picture of pre-assembling process with roller shutter maintenance workers by measuring dimension in Singapore


Professional fitters check the construction dimensions before the pre-installation process to ensure that the roller shutter elements are accurate to the millimeter.
Overhead rollup of a transparent roller shutter installed by Brooklynz Singapore


Specialist installation teams work together to ensure that your roller shutter door is installed properly on time and ensure it functions flawlessly.
Skilled roller shutter repair technicians doing calculations on a work desk with paper,pencil,calculator,glasses and safety helmet in Singapore


Skilled verification experts conduct detailed checks on whether the installation is done perfectly and the roller shutter door is working without a hitch.

Perks of Brooklynz Roller Shutter Company In Singapore

Superior Security
Deters potential criminals and thieves from entering your premises and acts as a physical protective barrier for your property.
Energy Efficient
Helps to maintain the ambient temperature inside your property during hot and cold times and prevents energy loss through doors and windows.
Light Control
Fine-tunes the amount of daylight filtering into your office, shop, or workshop through perforations and light slits.
Complete Privacy
Shutters out unnecessary onlookers and inquisitive people and provides you with the privacy you require to do your work.
Noise Mitigation
Reduces and keeps out the amount of noise that disrupts the peace and quiet of your office building, home, or workplace.
Ultra-violet Shield
Prevents the harm and damage relentless sunshine can do to your furniture and other valuables inside your property.

Order Your Roller Shutter Door Today

Brooklynz roller shutter doors in Singapore are in a league of their own when it comes to quality, durability, and affordability. Place your order and get your roller shutter door installed by us.

FAQs On Our Transparent Roller Shutter Doors

Are your roller shutters easy to maintain?

Of course, they are. The use of high-grade raw materials ensures that our shutters remain as good as new for years to come. Baked enamel paint finishing adds to its durability. All you require is a damp cloth and a bit of water to make the shutter spic and span.

How dependable are roller shutters in controlling the light?

The brilliant design of our roller shutter system allows light to filter in through slats and perforations. They are great in controlling ventilation on buildings. But the choice is entirely up to you. If you prefer to blackout the light completely, then roller shutters are the best choice.

How many colours and styles of roller shutters can I expect from Brooklynz?

When it comes to choosing styles and colours with our roller shutter doors, the world is your oyster! Our team is always ready to guide our customer and zero in on the right choice that suits your business and lifestyle.

Is it possible to manufacture shutters that are stylish and contemporary in design?

Of course, it is! With Brooklynz, any kind of colour, design, and style is possible. We are well-stocked with an exclusive range of shutter components that we use for customization purposes. Our manufacturing expertise includes transparent roller shutters and fire-resistant shutters are tested and proven effective and efficient for fire safety on buildings.

What is the duration of the installation process?

Every installation differs in accordance with the size and intricacy of the requirements. The confirmed order will take approximately three to four weeks from the manufacturing to the completion of the installation process. Get peace of mind by entrusting us with our friendly team.

Can I place an order for a remote-controlled roller shutter door?

Yes, you can! We manufacture roller shutter systems that can be operated by a remote control system. A remote-controlled flexible shutter door is easy to operate, more secure saves time and money, and is certainly a symbol of sophistication.

How effective are roller shutters in reducing noise pollution?

By installing our roller shutters, you can effectively reduce noise pollution by nearly 50%. But roller shutters are not completely sound-proof, so you could end up with some noise filtering through your windows or air-vents.

How do you manufacture roller shutter doors?

Our roller shutters are fabricated from superior quality aluminum and insulated with high-density polyurethane that makes them extra durable. Our shutters are subjected to a non-fading, scratch-resistant baked enamel paint finish. This reinforces their robustness and makes them resilient to high temperatures.
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