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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Metal Fabrication in Singapore

Get Top-Quality Custom Metal Fabrication Services In Singapore!

We are a leading provider for metal fabrication works in Singapore, offering quality products that are generated using a wide range of metals and alloys for your industry needs. Some of them are aluminium, gold, silver, iron, nickel, titanium, and other grades of steel. It is vital to choose the best fabrication shop which meets all our complex metal fabrication needs and expectations. The quality of the production processes, manufactured rate, and  cost -efficiency of the product should be checked while buying the products. We should opt for a fabricator with a good reputation for service and one who is experienced with the Metal Fabrication Process for many years. On checking  machinery and tooling capacity, we get to know the capacity and the quality of all range of sheet metal products. The production run should be checked if there is high-low volume and long-short terms while selecting the best service. Lastly, the custom metal works have to supply the particular metal for the project at a given time.

Quality metal fabrication works from Brooklynz

Unique, Custom Metal Works In High Quality In Singapore!

Custom metal works help in taking the decision of the custom iron and metalwork. Our skilled team of drivers will help in installing mild steel gates, auto gates and elegant metal gates, fencing, roller shutter door maintenance, and other metal works. You can request your metal fabricator to customize with a design that matches the style and personality of your home or office to create a unique look. The beauty and craftsmanship of handcrafted metalwork in the design are created marvelously. In the hammer and forge technique, the artist has created bold, with the compatible design, which shows the true workmanship of the artisan. The intense concentration work of the metallic finished product is observed in making a sign, a fence, an emblem, or any decorative metal objects.

The most important aspect of custom metal works is personalization.  Our team can personalize the design which is in our mind and watch them come to life through various methods available and it gives us total satisfaction. The product gets the personal touch which gives us interest and comfort. The modern methods of metal work to fabricate the metal sheet into form are auto CAD, water jet cutting, and plasma cutting employing Numerical Control(CNC) cutters. The perfect combination of technology helps us to see the design before it reaches the workshop, which allows us to make any changes not liked in the computer-generated design. Once you are satisfied with the decision, the computer image is changed into gorgeous, handcrafted art metalwork. The customization of metal works gives more advantages and better benefits to the store-bought options. The custom metal works in Singapore give a platform to create your own unique space in a design filled with beauty and craftsmanship.

Various services handled by the custom metal works in Singapore

Custom metal works services will help you at any stage of the development process. We are the leading Stainless Steel Fabricators and assist you in complete the production run or the component assembly project. The different Steel fabrication services from the custom metal works are as follows.


In design, the product attribute is conceptualized, analyzed, and created. Then, the custom metal is constructed. Later, the two or more components are bind together as a single functional unit during the assembling process. This is an important step in the metal fabrication process that involves various materials for metal fabrication. This usually consists of structural steel and sheet metal, along with the welding wire, flux, and fasteners to join various pieces. The quality of the product is improved by means of post-fabrication treatment. Some of the products require secondary treatments such as adhesive bonding, riveting, painting, screwing, and grinding.

Experienced Fabricators At Our Metal Fabrication Company Will Endeavour To Meet Your Construction Needs In Singapore

Some Snapshots of Our Previous Metal Fabrication Works

FAQs about Metal Fabrication Company

How does Brooklynz distinguish itself from various other metal fabricators?

In contrast to the majority of metal fabrication Singapore companies, Brooklynz carries out all of its procedures in-house. Right from start to finish, by assisting with engineering, design, fabrication, and delivery of the completed product, Brooklynz does it all under one roof.

What are the commonly used processes for metal fabrication by Brooklynz?

Metal fabrication processes at Brooklynz, one of the finest metal works in Singapore, include CNC cutting, developing, and welding. We also perform secondary metal fabrication procedures such as assembling and finishing. Other processes, such as inventory administration, shipping, and delivery, are value-added services.

How can I receive assistance with a customised product?

Brooklynz does everything possible to ensure that every product, regardless of size, materials, or purpose, is made to the customer's exact specifications. Our experience with integrated metal fabrication enables clients to save time and money, and we are one of the best metalworks in Singapore. We also ensure that customers acquire the product that suits their needs. Please contact us for more information on customization specifications.

Does Brooklynz utilise aluminium?

Yes, Brooklynz offers services for metal fabrication Singapore, in addition to supplying and fabricating a variety of aluminium and other metal products. Please get in touch with us to make an inquiry about the metals used in our products.

What kinds of fabrication projects does Brooklynz typically undertake?

When it comes to choosing As Singapore's first metal fabrication enterprise, Brooklynz has been a part of a variety of projects. We serve Construction Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders. To learn about our recent initiatives, check out our Project Reference page. Being one of the reputed metalwork in Singapore, our team enjoys taking up daily challenges and new projects.
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Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte Ltd is a specialized tier 1 stainless steel fabricators involved in the design, fabrication & installation of customized stainless steel products for construction projects.

Brooklynz provides an end to end solution for all types of stainless steel works across all sectors that employ heavy steel structures.

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