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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Project Reference

Our Recent Projects for Your Reference

Project Name Project Type Scope of Works
PUB Water works at CCK Government (PUB) SS316 watertight marine doors, marine windows, railing, grating, airtight access covers, SS waterstop, gates, ESS railing etc.
Changi airport runway 3 package 1 Airport (CAG) SS316 security cages to all box curlverts, Maintenance opening access, railings, grating etc.
C922 Expo MRT Station Government (LTA) SS316 gratings, cladding, canopy, cover linkway, bus/taxi shelter with ceiling, access covers etc.
C923 Upper Changi MRT Station Government (LTA) VE Panels, SS cladding, canopy, cover linkway, bus/taxi shelter with ceiling, access covers etc.
C1686 & 1688 – Station 31, 32 & 33 Government (LTA) SS316 gratings, fixed & removable bollards, GMS safety railing to all stations, DAP roods & handles, etc.
Ica – Cave Private (Security building) SS316 railing, vehicle impact bollards etc.
Changi Airport (T3) Airport (CAG) SS316 railing to various locations
Braddell flyover Government (LTA) SS316 anchoring systems for maintenance, SS cables with framing for plantation etc.
Beauty World Station Government (LTA) SS316 safety enhancement system, SS cladding to parameter walls etc.
Richards avenue Private apartment SS316 glass railing, doors, gratings etc.
SDC1 PUB – Kim Seng Road Government (PUB) SS railing to steps, SS railing to PUB chambers etc.
Tampines Town Hub (TTH) Government (Sports) SS railing, armrest, anti‐slip divider
The Futura@ 14 Leonie Hill Road
(36-storey, 2-tower condominium)
Private (Residential) Alum perforated screens, SS glass railing, glass canopy, alum trellis, etc.
Jewel @ Buangkok(5-block condominium) Private (Residential) SS glass railing, water feature railing, LED light railing, etc.
Downtown Line C917A (King Albert Park MRT Station) Government (MRT) SS railing,SS access covers, SS cat ladders, etc.
Masjid Maarof@ JurongWest Avenue 2 (4-storey mosque) Government (Religious) SS spiral staircase systems, SS & alum perforated railings, SS ablution rail, staircase railing, SS racks, handrail, ramp railings, SS bollards, etc.
JurongIsland -AngsanaRoad Government (Coastguard) SS 316 security cage at canal outfall
JurongFire Station Government (JFS) SS316 railings, firemen pole, flag pole, ESS railings, gratings, gates etc.
ER458LTA (Tanah Merah) Government (LTA) SS railings to 2 bridges, access covers, gratings etc.
HDB -CCKN8C9C10(8 Blocks of residential housing) Government (Residential) GS railings, subframes, SS armrest, gratings etc.
HDB -PROJECTS G 18D(Bedok) Government (Residential) Alum louvres
6th Storey Commercial Building @ 15 Beach Road Private (Commercial) GS railing, SS glass railings, SS staircase railings, SS cladding etc.
8th Storey R & D Building @ 228 PandanLoop Private (Industrial) SS railings, ESSfixed & removable railings etc.
Factory Building @ 11 Second Chin Bee Road Private (Industrial) SS gratings, SS railing, SS back splash etc.
5th Storey Private house @ 22 WaringinPark Private (Residential) SS glass railings, staircase railing, roof railing, GSrailing etc.
5th Storey Private house @ 20 WattenTerrace Private (Residential) SS tension cable railings, staircase railings, gratings etc.
Private House @ 118CTanah MerahBesarLane Private (Residential) SS glass railings, wall mount handrail.
BishanSMRTDepot Government (MRTDepot) GS railings, access covers, metal grids to staffs offices, ramp railings etc.
SemieMRTStation Government (MRT) Staff lockers, handrails, gratings etc.
Gateway East Tower @ Beach road Private(Commercial) Alum powder coating claddings, wall claddings
KranjiSMRTBus Depot Government (Bus Depot) SS railings to linkway, ramps etc.
NationalUniversity Government (NUS) SS glass railings, staircase railings, ramp railings, etc.
8 JalanIshak Private (Residential) SS railings
60 Stevens Road Government (MYMCA) SS glass railings, staircase railing, alumperforated railingetc.
WaterTown@ Punggol (11 Residential Blocks & Commercial Development) Private (Residential) SS auto doors, auto gates etc.
Singapore Sportshub(National Stadium) Government (Sportshub) SS railings, time capsule, ladders, gratings, access covers, swimming pool railings, GS railings, etc.
LTA -C916 -Beauty World MRT Station Government (LTA) SS steps railings, ramp railing, SS gratings, access covers, etc.
LTA -C917A -Kings Albert MRT Station Government (LTA) SS ladders, access covers, etc.
66kvElectrical Substation @ Sims Avenue Government (PUB) GS staircase railings, fencing, grating, etc.
5th Storey Residential housing @ 39ARosyth Road Private (Residential) SS glass railings, trellis, metal staircase, access covers, grilles, glass canopy, gates, etc.
5th Storey Residential housing @ 88 Figaro Street Private (Residential) Glass railings, staircase railings, SS trays to swimming pool, etc.
LTA -C916 -Beauty World MRT Station Government (MRT) SS lowgates(autogates) to ticketing counter, SS railing, ramp railing, gratings, station roof subframing, SS doors, etc.
Conversions of Flats @ Woodland Government (Residential) Installation of aluminium window, gate, glass, water testing & cleaning, etc.
Shopping Mall (Capitol Mall) @ City Hall Private(Commercial) SS railing, staircase handrail, gratings, etc.
PSA Shipyard -Export items only Private (Marine) SS flanges, tubing, casing, etc.
Commercial Building @ North Bridge Road Private(Commercial) Metal ramps with railings
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