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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
All About The Different Types of Automatic Gates

Automatic Gate Singapore: What Is It?

Automatic gates in Singapore have become the ‘it’ thing because they offer more security by controlling access to a designated area. Generally, they are utilized:

  • At the entrance of a building like the main entrance of a manufacturing plant.
  • On a site to control vehicular access to it.
  • On the interior sections within a facility like in a parking garage where public parts are separated from the employee-only section.

An automatic gate effectively keeps a check on all the vehicles entering or exiting an area. These gates are made of two primary components:

  • The first is the gate itself that physically blocks the opening and prevents any vehicle from entering. Typically, the gate is designed and manufactured to match the fencing installed right next to the gate. For commercial purposes, it is generally a metal gate made of chain-link or ornamental iron.
  • The second component of an automatic gate is the operator. This is the machine that opens or closes the gate. The gate can be powered to move in and out by:
  • Electricity
  • Chains
  • Gears
  • Or hydraulic.
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Looking For a Metal Gate In Singapore? These Are The Different Types

Although there are several types of automatic gates used in Singapore, there are four that have the most common use.
Slide Metal Gate
This type of automatic gate is used in light-duty commercial places. It is so-called because it slides left to right across the opening in a horizontal line. The gate is installed parallel to the fence or wall, and it slides inside the fence using rollers that are mounted at the gate base. The rollers move on a metal track that is installed in the ground across the gate opening, which is how these gates get their other monikers – V-track gates or rolling gates. The disadvantage of slide gates is that the track on which the rollers ride along can get blocked with debris and dirt. This causes friction which makes it harder for the gate operator to open or close the gate.
Cantilever Metal Gate
These gates are similar to slide gates in that they slide along the opening of the gate. The difference is that they do not have rollers at their base. Instead, the gate hangs over the opening, which is also called a cantilever. This happens because the gate is supported by rails installed inside the fence or wall surrounding the gate.
Cantilever gates are wider than slide gates because they need a counterbalance. The counterbalance is the section or the fence or wall which supports the weight of the entire gate. Typically, the counterbalance is half the width of the gate opening.
While these gates are better than slide gates because there is no friction due to obstruction, there is one downside. They need additional width because of the counterbalance. If you have limited space, then a cantilever gate is not the right solution. That said, they are exceptionally reliable and therefore apt for a heavy-duty application like in industries.

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Make A Smart Decision On Automatic Gates

There are two more types of automatic metal gates.
Swing Gate
These are like standard doors that swing in a 90-degree arc to open or close. Swing gates have hinges on one side and can turn inwards or outwards. The gate can be single or double-leaf. Since they are easy on the pocket and require minimal installation, these metal gates are generally used in residential areas in Singapore. The drawback of swing gates is that they need space to ensure that the metal doesn’t hit an oncoming car as it opens or closes in a large arc.
Bi-fold Gate:
These gates have two panels that are joined together through hinges. When the automatic gate is activated, the panels fold into each other to open up space for a vehicle to move. Most often, bi-fold gates in Singapore come in pairs. One pair of panels is attached to one side of the gate opening and the other pair to the other side.
The advantage of bifold gates is that they can work in limited space as their footprint is quite small. Plus, they open and close at a fast speed. The only consideration is safety because there are a number of entrapment points in these types of automatic gates.
Automatic gates in Singapore are the smart decision, but they cost a pretty penny, need expert installation and regular maintenance. Thus, it is advised to retain the services of professional metal gate manufacturers before making a purchase.
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