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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Driveway Swing Gates vs Sliding Ones: Choosing the Best Gate

Driveway Swing Gates vs Sliding Ones: Choosing the Best Gate

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Installing a gate on your property is an excellent option for enhancing its security and functionality. Automatic gates provide added protection and convenience. However, choosing between sliding and swinging gates can be difficult. Both alternatives have benefits and drawbacks, and the decision ultimately relies on your particular needs and available space. This article will examine the key distinctions between driveway swing gates and sliding ones, as well as variables to consider when making a choice.

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An Overview of the Comparison of Automatic Driveway Swing Gates & Sliding Ones

Automatic sliding and swing gates function differently and require separate installation procedures. Sliding gates are made up of a gate on a track. This track is installed adjacent to your current fence or wall while the gate travels along the upper part of the track. Aesthetically, movable gates may display a more majestic and elevated appearance. In contrast, automatic swing gates operate similarly to conventional swinging gates, which swing inward towards the driveway.

Often, the decision between sliding and swing gates is determined by the available area on a property. Sliding gates are compact and can efficiently use your driveway's space. However, it should be noted that sliding gates require additional space for setting up the sliding mechanism. But swing gates may be a preferable option if the gate's length has to be doubled to accommodate the mechanism.

Things to Consider While Selecting Between Driveway Swing Gates & Swinging Ones

Room for installation

Your property's physical restrictions and layout will be essential in determining the optimal gate type. Consider the area that can accommodate the gate and any potential obstructions, including mounting points, vents, outlet pipes, sewage pipelines, fire exit points, soak wells, and any other obstacles. You will be able to make a more precise assessment if you consult with specialists.

Sufficient space for the operation of gates

Swing gates demand a larger clearance space for appropriate swinging motion. It may be problematic if this space is less and obstructs pedestrian walkways or road users. Evaluate the area outside the gates with great care to ensure seamless operation without creating any inconveniences.

A steel swing gate fixed in a construction site.

All You Need to Know About the Maintenance, Price & Latest Features


When choosing between sliding and swinging gates, you should first consider maintenance. For sliding gates to operate smoothly, they require tracks, which can accumulate dirt over time. In order to prevent jamming, routine cleansing and maintenance are necessary. Swinging gates contain fewer components that move and are less prone to obstruction or malfunction when compared to sliding gates.


When comparing the costs, sliding gates are more affordable than swinging ones. Swinging gates require a more complicated installation because they have extra moving elements. Sliding gates are a more cost-effective option, despite providing superior security and aesthetic appeal.

Latest features

Modern motor types have developed gate systems that require low voltage for those on a budget or in search of maintenance-free operation. These systems, including 12V ELV (extra-low voltage) motor packages, are suitable for do-it-yourself installation and can include solar-powered energy efficiency solutions. These options are less expensive to install and allow homeowners to perform maintenance duties themselves.

However, conducting an appropriate evaluation or consultation is recommended before arriving at a decision. Every property is distinct, and a comprehensive evaluation by specialists will guarantee that you choose the most suitable gate system that meets your particular requirements. If you are still deciding what gate system to choose, contacting professionals specialising in installing automatic gates can be helpful. They have the expertise and knowledge to appraise your property, discuss your needs, and assist you in making an informed decision.

Wrap up
Thus, always consider factors like available installation area, budget, and maintenance preferences when selecting the ideal gate system for your property. By consulting with professionals and reviewing your needs, you can arrive at a decision and make sure the gate system you select satisfies your specific requirements. Contact Brooklynz stainless steel Pte Ltd, a renowned stainless steel fabrication company Singapore, if you wish to invest in a top-quality sliding or swinging gate for your space.

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