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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Repairing Metal Gate Hinges: How To Do It?

Metal Gate Repair: How To Change The Hinges On Metal Gates?

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Over time, every gate will sag and develop various problems. Some metal gates, especially those that are frequently used, can seem loose or squeaky. Also, you may have to work too hard to open them, or they may not open correctly. Some metal gate problems are similar to other gates while some problems are unique to metal gates. Broken hinges are one of the most common problems that need to be fixed immediately in metal gates.

Gate hinges are very easy to fix. Even the most experienced handyman can do it with relative ease. Follow these steps to repair your hinges.

Check If Any Repairs Are Needed For The Posts

Start by figuring out the actual cause of the problem. It is possible that loose objects, debris underneath, or wobbly gate posts might prevent the gate from opening or closing properly. After you verify that the gate posts are intact and have no effect on your metal gates' operation, it is time to inspect the hinges. Sometimes, all you need to do is grease your hinges, so they run smoothly. If your hinges appear corroded, rusty, distorted or worn out, it's time to replace them.

Inspect The Hinges And Try Removing Them

Only after you have exhausted all other possibilities can you begin to inspect your hinges. You should inspect hinges for signs of wear, such as rust, bent, loose or other damage. Even if the hinges need not be replaced, you may have to remove the hinges from both the gate and the post to repair them. A power drill can be used to remove hinges from the gate and post. Make sure the gate does not fall or sag.

Ensure you have something to hold the gates in place while removing the hinges. You run the risk of damaging your gate and injuring yourself when you remove the hinges too soon. Your metal gates should be held in place by wedges that are large and strong enough to support their weight.

Replacing Screws And/Or Hinges

Depending on the extent of damage to your gate hinges, there are many options for what you should do next.

  • You may need to replace the hinges on your metal gate hinges if they are bent. This is because the hinges were not large enough to hold the weight of the gate. However, the problem may recur quickly due to the increased weight of the metal gate, which can cause the hinges again to bend.
  • The hinges have rusted. It is best to replace the rusted hinges with new ones. However, if the hinges only have small rusty spots, clean and remove the rust.
  • If the hinges of your metal gate appear to be in good condition (meaning they are not corroded or bent) but still are apparently loose, it could be that your hinges need tightening. It is likely that one or more screws are loose. If necessary, use a power drill to tighten them or a fitting wrench.

Reinstall The Hinges

No matter if you are replacing old hinges or cleaning the old ones, they must be returned to their original position. Double swinging gates require that your hinges are at the same level. Attach the hinges on your metal gate posts. Next, reposition the gate on the wedges underneath it.

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