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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Your Complete Handbook to Wrought Iron Metal Gates

Your Complete Handbook to Wrought Iron Metal Gates

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Wrought iron gates are exquisite, have a timeless style, are inexpensive, and therefore quite popular. It is always your responsibility to choose a perfect gate for your residence or office space as it contributes to the look of the entire property. In this blog, let us discuss everything about a wrought iron metal gate and its usefulness.

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A Brief Introduction to Wrought Iron Metal Gate

As wrought iron can be forged or rolled, it is a strong and pliable type of iron that offers fabricators great design versatility. Technology in the present day has advanced sufficiently to speed up and simplify the process. Wrought iron gates were traditionally hand-forged by blacksmiths using a variety of techniques. The iron was heated with hammers, anvils, scroll jigs, and other tools until it was malleable to mould into the required shape. This was a time-consuming, complex operation, which was why gates made of wrought iron, particularly those made by hand, were extremely pricey. This procedure is now automated by blacksmiths using a variety of contemporary tools and methods, which lowers the overall cost.

The majority of wrought iron gates are constructed of mild steel or cast iron. Compared to conventional wrought iron gates, cast iron and steel gates are less expensive to construct as they are mostly produced in greater volumes. Although authentic wrought iron gates may be more durable and worth the extra money, steel and cast iron are excellent options if you want to escalate the overall aesthetic look of the space. Steel is simpler to work with and allows fabricators to quickly produce intricate patterns.

When using high-quality steel, the product is also highly resilient. Cast iron is the feasible option since it is less sturdy and brittle compared to steel and wrought iron. The best way to join wrought iron bars together is welding. Although you can purchase DIY items that employ screws or brackets at your neighbourhood hardware store, these materials can rust, especially if they are not "compatible" with wrought iron. They interfere with aesthetics because they come in silver or brass finishes in contrast to the standard black or gold railings. One method to prevent wrought iron from rusting is to galvanise it. To create wrought iron that won't rust, layers of zinc are applied to the iron. The options are:

  1. Hot dipping - This age-old method of proofing iron involves repeatedly dipping it in molten zinc while allowing it to dry at regular intervals. Then coat surfaces and corners with layers of zinc metal and zinc-iron alloy.
  2. Sprayed on - This galvanising method is frequently used on large-built wrought iron facilities and involves the use of either a handgun applicator or a mist sprayer.

All You Need to Know About Steel Vs Wrought Iron. Which is Better?

Understanding their unique scientific qualities is crucial when deciding between wrought iron and steel gates. Steel is an alloy created by humans, while iron is found in nature. Let's examine the benefits and drawbacks of both steel and wrought iron here.



  1. Low cost of production
  2. Superior to iron in corrosion resistance


  1. Complex patterns are difficult to produce
  2. Less resilient than iron
Stainless Steel Gates in Singapore

Wrought Iron


  1. Incredibly strong and ideal for fencing
  2. Low maintenance and has excellent rust and corrosion resistance
  3. Heavier and offers for greater security
  4. Moulded effortlessly to enhance aesthetics
  5. Reduced carbon footprint, recyclable and naturally sourced
  6. Reliable repainting and priming services make maintenance easier


  1. Due to weight, installation and shipment are difficult
  2. Cost increases due to skilled labour and production

Tests to Identify Wrought Iron Material in Metal Gates

Ironworks for railings, gates, fences, gates and wall decorations are simple to create from wrought iron. Wrought iron is less vulnerable to rusting and corrosion than faux iron and steel. There are tests you may use to determine whether your metal gate is genuinely made of wrought iron. The popular ones used by blacksmiths and metalworkers are listed below:

Polish test

On an axis parallel to the sample's length, polish it. This will reveal its brilliant surface and the grain's linear slag inclusions.

Break test

Cut a half-inch square in half with a saw and try bending it. You will observe a smooth fracture and tiny particles on the break if it is real wrought iron. The finer the grains, the better the metal's quality.

Spark test

Use a grinding tool on both wrought iron and mild steel samples. Wrought iron will produce lengthy, reddish sparks with a few branches, whereas mild steel will create white sparks.

Wrap up
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