Shaking Hands With The Most Common Uses Of Mild Steel In Singapore

Shaking Hands With The Most Common Uses Of Mild Steel In Singapore

Stainless Steel Gates in SingaporeNot just the go-to place for mild steel gate in Singapore, we are the one-stop-shop for a plethora of steel products. Mild steel gates are only one of them. The wide selection is primarily due to the numerous grades and categories of steel available. Each type comes with its own properties, advantages and application.
Mild steel is one of the categories of steel, and it encompasses a broad steel type. That’s what we discover in this post. What are the basic properties of mild steel, and where can you use mild steel in Singapore?

The Properties Of A Mild Steel Gate In Singapore

Steel that contains very low amounts of carbon is classified as mild steel. They are also known as Low Carbon steel. The precise quantity of carbon can vary dependent upon the source of the steel. Typically, the carbon falls between 0.05% to 0.25% by weight. To help give you a reference: steel with higher carbon content will have carbon somewhere between 0.30% to 2.0%. If the carbon content is even higher, then it becomes cast iron.
Mild steel gate or any other mild steel product is not made with alloy steel. Thus, they do not have any other elements besides iron in massive amounts, which makes mild steel drastically different from other steels.

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Where Else Is Mild Steel Used In Singapore?

On the island-nation, mild steel gates are the most common product, but this grade of steel is also used as:

  • Parts of Machine

    Elementally, steel is a mixture of carbon and iron. Depending upon the ratio of these two, steel can attain the desired ratio of:

  • Hardness
  • Strength
  • Ductility

It is why steel, especially mild steel, is used for the manufacture of machine parts. One example is steel car parts which do not undergo a molecular transformation upon welding as forged pieces do. Another reason mild steel is utilised for machine parts is its easy malleability into the final product shape after the steel has cooled down from machining, forging and heat treatment.

  • Frame of Steel Buildings

    Metal Fabrication - Metal GatesWhen it comes to construction of buildings, mild steel is a wonder because it has properties not found in any other material. Some reasons why it is used for framing buildings are:

  • It cannot be damaged by insects like wood.
  • It is resistant to fire and rot.
  • It complies with the stringent wind and seismic requirements for tall buildings.
  • It has incredible strength, so much so, that a bar of mild steel attached to a ceiling can bear almost 20,000 kg of weight. That’s equivalent to eighteen Honda cars.

All of these are unique properties that make mild steel highly favourable for construction in Singapore.

  • Cookware

    This is one of the surprising uses of mild steel in Singapore (and the rest of the world). When we think of everyday cookware like knives, we imagine stainless steel. But in recent years, chefs and food enthusiasts have come to appreciate the lavish qualities and advantages of mild steel cookware.

  • Mild steel holds an edge longer, thus remains sharp for an extended period.
  • It also has a higher threshold of temperature.
  • Once seasoned, mild steel cookware becomes non-stick.

Mild steel cookware may require a tad bit more attention and care when compared to the usual stainless-steel appliances, but it makes up for it in performance. Kitchen tools manufactured with mild steel provide a level of performance that other metals can’t match.

Why The Demand For Mild Steel Gates In Singapore?

Be it mild steel gates or kitchen tools, the demand for the metal in Singapore is extremely high because it is remarkably versatile. On top of it, mild is easy to manufacture and fantastically cost-effective. It is why mild steel is being used for ordinary, everyday applications like machine parts and gates in Singapore!