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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Overview on Roller Shutter Repair Issues

Overview About Roller Shutter Repair Problems

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Industrial roller shutter doors are primarily used to increase safety and security in business facilities. Not only do these doors help prevent theft and fire hazards, but they also keep your facility warm. Roller shutters being mechanical installations require regular maintenance and inspection. You must ensure regular monitoring of your roller shutter doors to reduce the incidence of roller shutter repairs. In this article, we have covered the possible problems that roller shutter doors may encounter and how to fix them.

What Are The Potential Roller Shutter Repairs?

Dirt and debris on rails and tracks

Dirt or debris on rails and tracks can slow down or stop shutters from opening or closing. They may also make loud noises or stop abruptly. Dirt and debris can also interfere with proximity sensors, causing them only to open halfway. It is, therefore, necessary to inspect the rails regularly and tracks and look for any signs of trouble along the shutters' path.

Infliction or damage on shutter doors (Dents and Cracks, as well as Scratches)

We see that scratches, dents and cracks not only mar the appearance of your roller shutter but also cause enough problems. These may be caused when other heavier machinery comes into contact with the doors. While minor problems like scratches or dents only disturb the appearance, sometimes major issues like structural misalignment are also caused. You may need to fix these to ensure smooth movement and functioning of the rolling shutter.

The Temperature Of Your Motor

You should be aware that your roller doors may heat up from frequent use. To avoid further problems, turn off the roller doors and let them cool.

The trouble with the roller shutter motor

A defective motor could be causing your roller shutter door problems. The motor could eventually stop working if your doors are used frequently. In order to prevent roller shutter motor issues, you should regularly inspect your doors. You must ensure that the roller shutter doors are regularly inspected by a qualified roller shutter repair company. Regular inspections guarantee fewer problems, which can be more expensive if not attended at the right time down the line. Brooklynz is one of the top roller shutter companies in Singapore that caters to various issues troubling your shutter doors.

Power Supply Issues

Power-related roller shutter repairs are the most common. The situation is especially evident in places like industrial sheds, where power cuts are common or where the power supply is down when the day's work is over. The first step to determining if anything serious has happened is to find and check the power source. In case it's not on, simply turn on the electricity. This will save you time and prevent you from having to look through other complex power problems.

Roller Shutter Codes

Code clash is a problem that can sometimes occur when two shutters are situated close together and have the same code.  Shutters can become inoperable if you forget your code or a code conflict occurs. Only professionals can repair them and, hence, make sure that you call a roller shutter repair Singapore company immediately.

Emergency Release Chain functionality issues

No matter whether the roller shutter door is manually or electrically operated, it comes with an emergency release link. This will allow you to pull on the emergency release chain and see if it causes the door's opening or closing. If the door remains immobile, you may need to call an emergency response team in order to identify the problem.

Regularly Lubricate:

It is not unusual for doors to jam and make a loud squealing sound, as with all mechanical devices. Petroleum jelly is a good lubricant that can be used on roller shutter doors.  This will prevent future problems with your roller shutter doors by regularly lubricating them.

Fix Roller Shutter Repairs In Singapore

Brooklynz is one of Singapore's leading stainless steel fabrication companies. Get in touch with us, and we'll help you identify the potential problems with your roller shutter doors. We are also highly skilled at installing roller shutter doors to the highest standards. Highly trained professionals from our company have accumulated a wealth of experience in installing and repairing a wide range of roller shutter doors. We can also help you with any emergency repairs or maintenance.

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