How to work safely at a height explained by Cat ladder Fabricators in Singapore?

Some of the important tips for working safely in a height workplace are given in this article. It will be very helpful for the workers or cat ladder fabricators in Singapore as they spend a maximum of their work time in a height place.

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Cloths and Footwear used by Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore

Safety Cages for Working People

  • Workers who are working in a height place should wear proper clothes. Always wear comfortable cloth while climbing ladders. Avoid loose clothes because they might slip when climbing or walking on the top.
  • To avoid slipping from the ladder it is suggested to wear shoes or boots. If you are handling equipment it may fall on your toes so try to wear steel toe caps to prevent injury.
  • For safety purpose, wear a helmet to avoid head injury.
  • If you are comfortable in using gloves while climbing then use safety gloves. If you don’t feel proper grip with gloves than it is advised not to wear safety gloves while climbing.

Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore shares why you should check the ladder before using it:

Use only the roof ladders which are in good condition. Before using the ladder it is mandatory to check the condition of it. Stiles, Rungs, and feet are the three main parts in the normal ladder. The vertical side of rungs is called as stiles. Stiles carry the rungs in the ladder. Horizontal plate or the base in which we climb is known as rungs. The feet are the bottom shoes of stiles. The main function of feet is to protect the ladder from slipping. Feet are usually made up of rubber and sometimes they are made up of plastic. It is recommended to use broad feet so that when using in the soft surface it will be strong. The things that are needed to be inspected in a ladder before using it are listed below.

  • Check the feet of the ladder. The feet should be strong and it should be in the correct place. Do not use a ladder in which the feet are worn. The shoes should be free of debris.
  • The rungs of the ladder should be dry and the mud, oil, and dust should be cleaned before using the ladder.
  • Confirm that the stiles are strongly attached with the rungs. Sometimes due to poor welding, there may be disjoint in the stile and the rungs. It may cause serious injury.
  • When you are extending the ladder you must check the bolts and the connecting rod. The extension rod should be corrosion-free.
  • If you are using wooden ladders in the working place it should be checked for cracks.

Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore gives tips to erect a ladder

Safety Ladder Manufacturers in Singapore

  • The feet should be tightly placed on the base of the wall. The feet should be kept in the correct place. It should be placed on the floor or ground where the ladder meets the ground. After placing the feet raise the ladder towards the wall.
  • When the top of the ladder is about to touch the marked place, release the feet from the wall so that the top of the ladder will rest on the surface of the wall.
  • The feet which are placed on the base should be free from wet and the base should not be slippery. Do not use gravel or loose stone as the base surface.
  • Make sure that both the feet are on the surface of the ground. If one of the feet is not placed properly then try to adjust the ladder or try to match the space of the ground and feet by using the board. The board should be flat and also rough so that it will not slip.
  • It is always recommended to have a person near the base. They can put extra pressure on the ladder if the ladder is moving from its position. Instead of a person we can have sandbag or rock also. They increase the weight of the base and because of that, there will be an increase in friction.
  • Do not place the ladders against gutters. If there is no other option be very careful while climbing the ladder when it is placed against the gutter. In this situation, you can use a standoff. When working at a height place always think ahead. Small mistakes can cause serious injury.