Safety Tips from Top Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore

One should be very careful while working at a height place. Even a small mistake will cause a serious injury to the person and also damage the building. It is compulsory to follow some safety tips while you are working in a height place. Some of the must-follow safety tips for cat ladder fabricators in Singapore are listed below.

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Safety tips for Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore

Cat Ladder Manufacturers in Singapore

  • You should have a proper balance while standing or climbing in the ladder. To have a proper balance do not lean to one side of the ladder you may miss the balance or the ladder may slide to one side.
  • You may slip from the ladder so it is always suggested to hold the rung in one hand. So even if you slip from the ladder instead of falling down you can hold the rung.
  • It is always recommended not to work on the tip of the ladder. If there is any sudden situation you cannot hold the rung so you may fall from the top. The same applies to the step ladder also. If there is any hold in front of you then you can go to the tip of the ladder for example when you are working in front of a tree you can hold the branches instead of the rung.
  • In case of holding something related to your work like paint or nuts, you can use the “S” hook. The hook can hold the bucket or the tin with the rung. It easy for you to select the tool and work accordingly.
  • Do not step on the rung which is above the rest point of the wall. It may pivot so that the base of the ladder will rise from the ground and there are chances for you to slip from the ladder.
  • It is mandatory not to push the sideway. It protects the ladder from slipping. Once you reach the edge of the rung climb to the roof. Do not lean or put your full weight on the extended section.

Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore suggests to use the tools safely

Using sharp tools at a height workplace is very dangerous. Some of the tools which are dangerous to work at a height place are high torque drills and the reciprocating saw. While using reciprocating saw the say may get stuck in the workpiece and because of that you may miss your balance at that height. In case of using drills without chuck it allows to spin even after the work and it may cause damage to you. For safety purpose always use drill with chuck.

There is a possibility to drop a tool from the height place because of various reasons like miss of balance or grip. So it is important to give helmets for the workers who are working below that place and do not allow any persons, especially children to pass through that place.

Cat Ladder Fabricators in Singapore suggests tips to walk on the tiles and work on the roof

Safety ladders by Brooklynz Singapore

Try to use a roof ladder while walking on the pitched apex roof. While walking on the tile be very careful always try to walk in the middle of the tile and also on the tip of the tile where it overlaps with the bottom tile. If you are following this walking pattern then it will not cause any damage to the tiles. Use a water channel to avoid the overlapping of the right and the left edges. Spread the weight equally on two legs. Walk slowly so you will get a proper balance. Wear a safety shoe or boots to have a good grip while walking on the roof. Do not walk on the wet roof you may miss the grip.

Be careful with the overhead power lines. In most of the buildings, the powers are supplied through the overhead. If you are using an aluminum ladder make sure that there is no contact between the ladder and the power lines because of the moisture you may experience a power shock. Use shoes or boots to protect you from shocks.

Scaffoldings are a safe place to work when they have a broad base surface. Even there are some risks while working in the scaffoldings. You may slip while you are walking in the wet scaffoldings. Try to keep the scaffoldings dry. Store it in the indoor.