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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
How Fencing Supplier in Singapore Compare Chain Link And Steel Fences

How fencing supplier in Singapore compare chain link and steel fences

Electric Fencing in Singapore - BrooklynzFencing is a common way to protect property, be it farmland, residential or commercial property. Security Fences provide protection against a variety of threats and keep the property safe and secure. Are you in plans to install a new fence? Well, in that case, you might be looking forward to choosing the best BRC fence that is suitable for your requirement. Any kind of fence that you use will provide these benefits but the level of protection will differ.

There are various types of fencing materials provided by the stainless steel fabricators in Singapore such as vinyl, wood, wrought iron, aluminium, chain link and steel. Some of these materials are durable, some are affordable, some are beautiful and versatile and some are easy to install. Despite these properties, each of these fencing options will have its own drawbacks. Only when you know the characteristics of the different materials, you will be able to choose the right material for your requirement. Among the various types of fencing materials, the most common ones are the chain link and steel fences. Even the best fencing supplier that you opt for in Singapore will suggest one of these.

Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte, follows sucessful technical pratices to deliver customized stainless steel products for construction projects. We adapt safety standards and take pride in our credibility with our achievement of BizSAFE star. We specialize in fabrication, supply and installation services for stainless steel railings, gates , bollards and more.

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Level of security is focused by fencing supplier in Singapore

The prime reason for installing a security fence around the property is security. For the best security from the fencing, it is important to know the potential threats that the property is likely to face. Usually, there should be protection against intruders, vehicles and other threats. When it comes to the comparison between steel fencing and chain link fencing, it is important to know that the former has a few benefits.

  • It is easy to maintain
  • Affordable to install
  • Prevents rust
  • Ability to see who is on the other side

Despite these benefits, the chain link fencing is easy to climb over but the steel fencing does not provide any grip or foothold and are tough to climb. Eventually, chain links are limited only to some applications. But these can be made more secure by reducing the spaces between the links.

Cost wise, it is important to know that the cost of protection and security does not surpass the savings. Usually, the chain link fences are affordable when it comes to both the material cost and the cost of installation. But the steel fences are relatively more expensive. But if there is a requirement for high levels of security, then it is suitable to have the steel fencing installed as it will offer better protection.

The topography of the area is considered by the fencing supplier in Singapore

Fencing Contractor in SingaporeWhile choosing the type of fencing, the best fencing supplier in Singapore will consider the topography of the property. Usually, the commercial chain link fences are well-suited for flat areas. If the chain link fences are installed at various elevations, then the installation cost will be much higher and there will a slew of potential problems as well. On the other hand, the steel fences can be installed on any type of land irrespective of the varying elevations. So, if the property is located in a sloped area or in a place with varied elevation, then it is better to choose steel fences.

Expert fencing supplier in Singapore know that aesthetics are important

Though the level of security and the cost of installation are important, the aesthetics of the fencing system should not be overlooked. Usually, the looks are not given much importance and considered as a minor deciding factor. But it is important to focus on this as it will leave a direct impact on the value of the property, an impression on the customers and a range of important things. So, fencing suppliers will make sure to suggest the right material that will add to the looks of the property.

While their different materials, steel fences are preferred to add to the aesthetic value of the property. The reason is that this material is more attractive than the other materials. This material is more versatile and gives a range of practical and aesthetic options. If your choice is to have a safe and secure place that is cost-effective, then it is important that you choose the steel fencing for the property.


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