Here’s a guide about electric fencing in Singapore and its benefits

Here’s a guide about electric fencing in Singapore and its benefits

Fencing Contractor in SingaporeLike any other type of fencing, electric fencing is also a barrier that prohibits the entry of unauthorized people or animals. As its name suggests, it will involve shock voltages classified into various levels such as moderate, painful and lethal. Before installing this kind of fencing, it is mandatory for the building or property owner to get a permit from the specific local office and personnel. Also, the same has to be classified and inspected properly. Talking about electric fences in Singapore, the rule of thumb is that it should not kill intruders, be it animals or people. The main purpose of this fencing is to induce a mild shock and keep them away.

This type of fencing is available in different forms based on the requirements. It can be mains or battery powered. The latter is useful in farms to protect livestock such as poultry. The battery-powered electric fences can be set up anywhere as per the requirement and are also easy to dismantle and relocate. Stainless Steel Fabrication Suppliers of this type of fencing such as Brooklyn will provide accessories including electric fence tape, posts, rope, strainers and netting and connectors.

Advantages of using electric fencing in Singapore

People prefer installing electric fences marking the boundary of their property or premises as there are many benefits associated with the same. This type of fencing is useful and also acts as an effective and strong barrier preventing the unauthorized movement of people and animals in and out of the confined area. It provides many notable advantages when it is installed in the right way. Common advantages of using electric fencing in Singapore for various applications are,

  • Saves time
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Safe and reliable
  • Durable and long-lasting

The level of electric current that passes through the wires of the fencing can be adjusted into three categories based on the impact such as moderate, painful and lethal. Usually, the non-lethal types of fencing are used in government and military areas to prevent trespassers from entering the confined areas.

Reasons why electric fencing is used in properties in Singapore

Fencing Contractor in SingaporeThe electric fences that provide a shock due to the electric current that flows through it are used primarily in several types of properties for numerous reasons. Firstly, it finds use in agriculture. Electric fences are used in agricultural land in the form of standard smooth wiring installed all around the field creating a confined area. However, it might lose the ability to induce shock if the flow of current is disrupted and might cause harm to unsuspecting individuals.

The other common application is to prevent the entry of wild animals. It is common to see electric fencing in properties such as the airport in Singapore to prevent animals from entering the runway and private properties to avoid trespassers and animals that can cause harm to the occupants. And, electric fences are also used for security purposes. For this reason, the same is installed in high-security prisons, government properties, military bases, warehouses, etc.

In addition to the shock, the electric fences will be helpful in detecting intruders. These fences trigger an alarm when some intruder attempts to cross the boundary. It is for the warning signal that people install this type of fence as it warns them regarding potential danger.

Maintenance of electric fencing in properties in Singapore is quite simple

There is no denying that electric fences are incredibly useful in handling various tasks. It can be an inexpensive and easy to install fencing solution. But it is important to ensure that the fencing is in proper working condition to make it an effective one. Instead of having just one strand of fencing wire around the property, it is recommended by experts that there are two or three strands of wires so that there is increased effectiveness.

While electric fences come in various types and installation steps depending on the requirement, it is important to maintain the same properly to make them last for long. It is important to protect the fencing from lightning flashes. Though lightning protection does not offer complete immunity, it will minimize the shock damage that is caused due to lightning. Also, it is important to get periodic and timely checks run to ensure that the fence is in perfect working condition without any possible damage. These occasional checks can save a lot of your money as the potential problems due to the failure of the electric fence will be avoided.

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