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Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Row of prestigious awards earned by Brooklynz stainless steel fabrication company Singapore from BCA, BizSafeStar, Singapore Business Federation and British Assessment Bureau
Roller Shutter Door: Maximum Security, Maximum Advantage

Roller Shutter Door: Maximum Security, Maximum Advantage

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Fire-rated roller shutter door in BrooklynzThe sound of the roller shutter door encasing your home, office, or commercial establishment in a blanket of security is one of the best outcomes of investing in it. Once it is down and secured with padlocks, it keeps everything out thieves, miscreants, vandals, mischief-makers, pests, insects, dust, snow, sand, etc.

How many of us are aware that there are many types of shutter doors? With a cursory look, one might decide that all shutter doors are the same. But on the contrary, manufacturers offer more than half a dozen varieties of roller shutters. Customers can choose their roller shutter door depending on the business or the type of security they are looking for.

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Roller shutters are classified based on the following aspects:

  • Application
  • Mode of operation
  • Materials used for manufacturing

Types Of Roller Shutter Doors

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  • Rolling doors
    The rolling doors are the most commonly used type of roller shutters used extensively for commercial and industrial purposes. They protect warehouses, storerooms, mechanical workshops, manufacturing units, and industrial facilities that face outside. Apart from rendering maximum protection for the facility's interior, they effectively guard the exterior against the ferocity of natural weather elements and unfortunate incidents like vandalism and theft. Rolling doors are readily available in many sizes, and all manufacturers are open for customised orders too.
  • Transparent Roller Shutters
    Polycarbonate or transparent roller shutters are mostly used for high-end showrooms, fine dining restaurants, bars, and expensive, exclusive outlets ready to splurge on visually aesthetic protection. Transparent roller shutters are lightweight, durable, and provide both visibility and ventilation even when lowered.
  • Folding Grilles
    Folding grilles can be custom-made as large doors, medium-sized windows, or small pigeon-sized holes to see into the facility. They are widely used in school cafeterias, dispensaries, banks, and hospitals. Folding grilles provide restricted access and are suitable only for places that require the same.
  • Industrial Roller Shutters
    Exclusively manufactured and used for industrial facilities, these heavy-duty roller shutters are humongous in size and fabricated with aluminium, steel and alloys. They are built to withstand the extreme wear and tear brought on by continuous usage and the harsh industrial environment.
  • Rolling Grilles
    Rolling security grilles are a type of roller shutter doors, but they are very different in appearance. Unlike the rolling door that is completely opaque and covers the interiors, rolling grilles come with geometric holes, allowing the person to see inside the store even if it is locked from the outside. Rolling grilles are widely used for showrooms in malls and high-end boutiques and shops in commercial complexes. They offer both protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Rolling Fire Doors
    These doors are very similar to rolling doors but are designed with fire-proof insulation to help contain the fire. The door is designed to withstand high temperatures and does not get damaged during a fire, making it easy for workers to open it and vacate the premises. Available in several models, rolling fire doors provide extra security to facilities prone to fire hazards, such as metal workshops, chemical industries, pyrometry industries, etc.
  • Automatic Roller Shutters
    Automatic roller shutters are fast replacing manual shutters as customers realise that it is more of a functional benefit than a luxury. Powered by a motor and a gearbox, automatic roller shutters are very economical, durable, easy to maintain, and easy to operate. They also come with a manual override in case of a power failure.
  • Garage Doors
    Commercial overhead garage doors are specially customised for auto garages and other residential and commercial facilities. Overhead garage doors function like a typical garage door, but they are far more superior in robustness and size. They are ideal for car and bike showrooms and automobile storage facilities.

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